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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 27 September 2023

Images and text courtesy of Seletti 

Presenting Unexpected New Products

Seletti, the Italian design brand known worldwide for its striking originality and unconventional approach, announces its participation in the September edition of Maison&Objet 2023, presenting unexpected new products.

The new additions bring a surprising touch to everyday spaces. They tell the vision of Seletti that is developed through collaborations with creatives close to the brand, such as Marcantonio, TOILETPAPER, Uto Balmoral. The pieces alsos derive from new encounters like the kaleidoscopic line created with the fashion brand JordanLuca founded by fashion designers Jordan Bowene and Luca Marchetto.

“In Seletti we experiment with great enthusiasm. This reason, in addition to strengthening the collections that have been our hallmark for years now, we always keep an eye on the latest forms of creativity, which allow us to explore new territories.”Stefano Seletti, artistic director of the Seletti –

After embellishing the homes of all design lovers with complements and accessories of the art de la table inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi – i.e., the technique by which porcelain is repaired using gold and thus transforming imperfections into unique and precious characteristics –, Seletti and Marcantonio‘s experimentation continues in the world of giftware, mixing this particular technique with some strongly recognizable elements like the skull and the piggy-moneybox.

SELETTI, Kintsugi collecion by Marcantonio: Piggy Bank, Skull

Piggy Bank is a ceramic money box which ironically combines the features of the piggy with the sophisticated technique of kintsugi. The result is a playful product that defies expectations and, despite its destiny to be broken, conveys a sense of cheerfulness and lightheartedness with its smile, chubby cheeks, and cute ears. Piggy Bank is more than a simple moneybox, it’s a piece of art that manages to get a smile every time you look at it; the important thing is to have some change in your pocket to keep it smiling too!

Skull is instead an unexpected object with a pirate soul. The skull, symbol of transformation and evolution – often used with floral decorations in old school tattoo iconography, sends a touch of romance and mystery to the subject that, blending harmoniously with the golden cracks all over its surface, declares a new aesthetic of imperfections and pushes the boundaries of the traditional design.

The Meltdown collection is an out-of-the-box homage to British culture by JordanLuca, an Italian-English fashion design duo whose creations combine pop culture, contemporary art, and street culture. In their first collaboration with design brand Seletti, Jordan Bowene and Luca Marchetto imagined novelties that unite two symbols of the United Kingdom: the traditional tea ritual and the wild culture associated with music festivals.

SELETTI, Meltdown by Jordanluca. Teapot

SELETTI, Meltdown by Jordanluca. Coffee set

Presented by Som Santoso

After the success of the amusing a-bat-jours presented at Milan Design Week 2023, designer Uto Balmoral continues to explore the vintage atmospheres of the circus world by expanding the Circus line with a series of brand-new objects with extravagant identities that evoke the magic and wonder of the circus.

SELETTI, Circus vase by Uto Balmoral

A circus performer is now performing a sympathetic act of strength. Trying to climb up to the surface to reach the highest end of the Circus mirror, he changes its volume by tilting the shining golden frame toward the center with all his might. An engaging dancer now dances to a can-can rhythm and provokes the audience by playing with her wide red skirt. Between dances, she vigorously soars her leg upward, lifting the white Circus vase to the music.

SELETTI, Circus mirror by Uto Balmoral

The TOILETPAPER HOME line was born out of the encounter between Seletti and TOILETPAPER, the image-only publishing project of artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. It presents provocative new mats. Available in a variety of sizes, the mats dress up the magazine’s surreal and iconic graphics to brighten the most unconventional kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms with bold pop scenarios.

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