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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 10 May 2024

Images courtesy of Kohler

Exemplifying Kohler’s History of Design and Innovation Excellence

Dr. Samuel Ross MBE (SR_A) triumphed with ‘Terminal 02’, a massive installation of orange pipes with flowing water that lead to the newly designed smart toilet (‘Formation 02’) for Kohler. The designer has also recently been appointed as an Artistic Director of London Design Biennale 2025.

Samuel Ross |  Samuel Ross & Janto Wihardja, Editor-in-Chief

Formation 02 was unveiled at FuoriSalone or Milan Design Week 2024 through a large-scale site-specific installation titled ‘Terminal 02’, hosted at Palazzo del Senato (Via Senato 10) from Tuesday, April 16 through Sunday, April 21.

Rewatch here found memories of inspiration from Yabu Pushelberg’s ethereal booth at Salone del Mobile.Milano to Samuel Ross’ bold architectural installation at Palazzo del Senato in April.

Terminal 02 installation invites visitors to journey through a maze-like network of industrial pipes that lead to the Formation 02 Kohler, smart toilet. This immersive experience allows visitors to witness the flow of water in different shapes and levels, ideas of flow and control, alongside discovery and play will be brought together through an aesthetic that utilizes elements of natural landscape juxtaposed with industrial and scale engineering.

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The industrial, brutalist products and installation sit within the grand pillars of the historic Palazzo del Senato reflecting its classical architectural elements and the sky above. Honoring the heritage of traditional craftsmanship as well as pushing into new territories to change our perspective on the essential element of water the installation will embody the shared philosophy between Kohler and SR_A.

Formation 02 furthers our celebrated partnership with SR_A and Dr. Samuel Ross, bringing new and unexpected design and exemplifying Kohler’s history of design and innovation excellence,” says Scott Edmunds, VP of Kohler Marketing. Formation 02 combines our industrial expertise and technological prowess with our strong belief in the power of creativity to challenge and drive forward progress.”

The industrial Haptic Orange color blends Ross’s distinctive color with Kohler’s tradition of color leadership, paying homage to the 1967 launch of “Tiger Lily” in the bathroom line. The partnership’s second product release, Formation 02, honors Kohler‘s 150 years of creating a new design language for water solutions while embracing Ross’ avant-garde artistic approach. Read here about Kohler’s smart toilet ‘Formation 02’.

The installation also presents Kohler’s ‘Formation 01 Faucet’ in the same distinctive color as ‘Formation 02’. Read here about Kohler’s ‘Formation 01 Faucet

The gigantic installation successfully embraced the relationship between shape and fluidity of water & flow of water.

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