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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 15 March 2024

Images courtesy of Kohler

A Functional Form, An Effigy of Brutalist Expression & Intelligent Engineering

The second original silhouette from the Kohler x SR_A collaboration, Formation 02 heightens expectations and challenges preconceived notions of intimate objects we engage with daily.

Samuel Ross

Grounded in principles of optimism, disruption, exploration, and scale, this collaboration embraces the avant-garde vision of artist and designer Samuel Ross and his design studio SR_A, while harnessing Kohler’s 150-year legacy of innovation and craftsmanship in the development of a new design language for water solutions.

Alongside engineers of the KOHLER Eir smart toilet, Samuel Ross and his design firm SR_A reconsidered the possibilities of form and color by exploring innovative materials and casting techniques to create Formation 02—a functional form, an effigy of brutalist expression and intelligent engineering.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

Its raw, mineral-inspired silhouette was inspired by water as a force of nature to shape the world around us. Its intensity of color remains a signal—a language of sorts—to welcome inquiry and use. Modern advancements in smart toilet technology are integrated artfully with an intuitive interface, bringing an elevated tangible experience to daily engagement.

Formation 02 limited-edition smart toilet will be available to purchase online on April 16.

Visit the historic Palazzo del Senato during Milan Design Week 2024 from April 15-21, Kohler celebrations of the latest innovations. Inclusive a massive art installation created by Samuel Ross.

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