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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 08 May 2024

Images courtesy of Amphora

Amphora Makes Its Debut On The International Design Scene At Milano Design Week 2024

The recently launched brand, Amphora, is making a name for itself in the tapware industry with an identity that is already solid and well stratified, and a variegated collection, fruit of a four-handed collaboration with one of the most prominent creative design firms, Studio Adolini.

A new player on the scene, Amphora springs from the entrepreneurial drive of the Ponsi brothers – Rocco, Silvia and Fabio – and their desire to recover the family expertise and give it a contemporary twist. The deep knowledge and long-consolidated manufacturing tradition of the Ponsi family in the industry constitute a fertile soil for the new brand to put down its roots, and from which to draw constant inspiration. Therefore, solid grounds shape this venture to which the new generation has added its own young and dynamic vision. It is this duality – poised between past and present, between tradition and the avant-garde, that defines the brand identity. The result is an innovative company in terms of design and experimentation, with a profound and authentic knowhow. Their aim is to look ahead and map out the future evolution of this industry, while putting technological, formal and material research at the centre, to develop a production system of inexorable sustainability.

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These are the guiding principles behind Reel, the new tapware collection designed by Studio Adolini who share a design vision with the Ponsi brothers in which heritage and modernity complement each other. In fact, the Studio is run by Romano Adolini and Niccolò Adolini, practically a dialogue between two generationsthat gives rise to product and interior design projects pervaded by a sense of proportion, with a keen focus on quality and details.

Their vision is perfectly evident in Reel, created for Amphora, which consists of progressive mixer taps, hot and cold-water taps, single-lever mixers, and thermostatic mixers, complete with showers and accessories of coordinated design. The formal design is pared down, and the style of the collection is defined by its linear purity. It is no coincidence that the perfection of the circle is the common denominator inspiring the design, to be found on all the various elements, emphasized by an uninterrupted vertical groove on the lever – A functional yet decorative detail.

The force of this project lies in its design, together with its textural impact. In fact, the external parts of Reel are made of 316 steel, the most noble of metal alloys: stainless, antibacterial, and indestructible. Its surfaces are then hand-brushed to confer a soft tactility and offer a multisensorial experience. Alternatively, they may be PVD-coated in the colours of black or copper, for an effect that is even more elegant or retro.

Besides, steel is synonymous with sustainability, a key value of Amphora’s production, perceivable throughout, from its choice of materials to the technology it incorporates, in favour of reduced consumption and a mindful and responsible use of water. Consequently, Reel taps generate a water flow that is gentle and linear thanks to the combined effect of the slightly inset aerator and flow control valve: the comfort conferred by the flow combines with a pleasing visual sensation in the name of sustainability. At the same time, all the tap levers and mixers in the collection use the coldStart mode, which minimizes energy consumption and prevents an unnecessary use of hot water.

From materials to utilization, sustainability also pervades production. The products of the Amphora brand are in fact entirely made in Italy by certified companies committed to complying with social and environmental norms. Therefore, only non-toxic materials are used in their production, along with zero waste surface finishing technologies, while all components in contact with water are lead- free and scrap materials are enYrely recycled. Each element is therefore designed to be in harmony with the environment and with the people using it. To create a new vision of wellbeing that starts from a personal level and spreads worldwide.

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