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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 10 May 2024

Images courtesy of ARCLINEA

Proxima, the secret ingredient behind Arclinea’ kitchen at Milan Design Week 2024.

Arclinea presents a new model, Proxima, and unveils the secret ingredient behind its kitchens. Proxima, the latest model in the collection, presented in two different configurations, stands out against a backdrop of sophisticated silhouettes on the walls of the Milanese flagship store. Proxima is the protagonist of the space during throughout Milan Design Week.

Designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio, the latest model added to the Arclinea Collection is a highly equipped, high-performing, and professional product, which integrates large American appliances, and emphasizes their personality with stronger details such as its handle, innovative in design and size. The handle is featured along the entire perimeter of the island and, at full height on the wall units, defines the look of the kitchen while making the opening of doors and drawers extremely easy. A kitchen designed for people and their passions, that becomes a place of experimentation, as well as a convivial space.

As the name suggests, Proxima aims to encourage proximity, both physical: the ease with which one can access and use cooking tools, and metaphorical: shortening cultural distances in the preparation and consumption of foods, achieving a contamination of codes and styles able to give life to something never seen before. In the configuration with a large stainless steel island, cooktop with integrated oven, horizontal handle and American modularity, Proxima expresses the evolution of minimalist design where function defines the final image.

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Well displayed in the Milan flagship store, Proxima is showcased together with the brand new Hortus, a piece of furniture designed for growing aromatic herbs and small vegetables. Hortus joins the Duet collection, characterized by the double large coplanar doors. Hortus represents the integration in the Arclinea design of the domestic version of a hydroponic cultivation controlled by a software, which offers the possibility of always having fresh and organic products for the table or as the final touch of a preparation. A piece of furniture that both embodies the theme of “show kitchen”, ever so important for the brand and Citterio, and the recurring dualism of Arclinea: an extremely functional appliance with a great aesthetic value.

Another new element is the Inverso column unit, which interprets the transition between open and close through an impressive solution. Thanks to a sophisticated mechanism, the inside of the cabinet can be completely rotated outwards achieving an ideal aesthetic result. Inverso offers the freedom to customize the storage space – some elements can be hidden while others put on display – thus working as a particularly functional component in the integration between kitchen and living room.

In the second configuration, Proxima with lacquered door and Era System snack table adopts an European modularity and encloses the appliances into the wall units, assuming a more “domestic” mood, while maintaining the features of an hyper-equipped space for experimentation and culinary creativity.

I designed this kitchen thinking of a space to be experienced – Antonio Citterio explains -. The kitchen as a space to be shared, not a separate service area, has always been one of the great topics of Arclinea, of my work with Arclinea. Proxima should suggest the idea of a place to be enjoyed, where everything is extremely performing and evocative of the pleasure of preparing for others, and with others. Proxima is an object to be lived for real, a very communicative and empathic product”.

Precisely the exploration of empathy, as the ability to relate to each other, where food and cooking are a meeting point, is the concept of the events and initiatives that Arclinea has planned for the upcoming Milan Design Week. The secret ingredient of a brand that considers people – their desires, tastes, and experiences – as a central factor in the design of its kitchens.

This concept follows the reflection, started by the company on the last edition of Milan Design Week, of the kitchen as a place of connection and as the epicenter of domestic rituals, concept that is developed in all the planned communication activities.

This concept is first developed through the images, made by the Spanish illustrator Illot, whose poetic explore the human being in his ability to share, feel emotions and have fun. Illot’s characters, curious and creative simple figures with an extraordinary expressiveness, offer an evocative interpretation of the day-by-day gestures and actions in the kitchen.

His artistic representation of the secret ingredient characterizes the set-up of the store and all the communication materials related to the Milan Design Week. The fil rouge of empathy is also developed within the event dinners organized in collaboration with V-ZUG taking place from the 15th to the 19th of April, with chefs Alberto Toé (Horto), Fratelli Guidi (Antica Osteria Magenes), chef from Trattoria Contemporanea, Fratelli Vergine (Grow Restaurant) as special guests. Each of them will offer an interpretation, through their dishes, of the secret ingredient at the heart of individual research and creativity, might that be a particular food, a certain spice, or passion, friendship, a family bond. Every event will be accompanied by a personal narration and a spontaneous interaction with the guests.

April 18th will be the time for the “liquid food” and recipes developed ad hoc by the alchemists of BE – Barman Eventi. The evening party will be dedicated to food up-cycling, in collaboration with Gaggenau. They too will have the opportunity to unveil what lies behind their choices, to describe their recipes and their “sensory journey”. Finally, the latest issue of the magazine Arclinea Kitchen Stories will be unveiled. The magazine features an updated representation of the general Collection, through a series of photo reports. A new catalogue is dedicated to Proxima and to the other novelties, introduced by a conversation with Antonio Citterio on the genesis of the product and its emotional component.

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