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Photograph by Andreas Widi (@andreaswidi).

Friday 10 May 2024

Simple, Raw, Warm

RD Residence is a home/studio hybrid that balances between living and working. A combination between a blank canvas and a hearth for raising a family.” Dennis Levy, Founder of Levy Architects

This project is the residence of an artist in Yogyakarta; it’s called “RD Residence” which are the owner’s initials. The structure is divided into two areas where the artist can live and work, also has a very simple cube shape, with only a few holes for air and light. The facade is primarily cast concrete, which is easy to maintain and will age well with time.

The owner’s initial concept was that he liked things simple and raw, but the function of his house was correct: he wanted it to be his residence and art studio. From there, the design team found a form that looked simple but used exposed concrete material. with a plan to build it and then what the interior will look like, which has been agreed upon with the client.

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After the construction drawings are complete and prepared for construction, go straight to interior design. So it’s all in one architecture and interior, since the client also likes simple interiors. For furniture use, most of them use built-in furniture from Beranda Living, and we customize the attached furniture, such as the kitchen and wardrobe, ourselves.

The interior consists of simple materials that complement each other. The first level is divided into a living room that still has the warmth of wood materials on the furniture, and the other side is an artist’s studio with white walls and cast concrete walls that serve as a blank canvas for him to create. The second floor has a family room that overlooks the studio and three bedrooms that accommodate the small family.

Meanwhile, in the studio, the floor material is cast, so if it gets painted and other things, it still embraces the beauty of the progress of the owner who lives there. And above the studio, there is an automatic window for air circulation.

There were a few challenges in working on this residence; therefore, the design team carried out some trial and error on the exposed concrete facade so that the mock-up made the concrete smooth. Finally, it is actually cast on the spot and must be finished immediately.