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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 15 July 2022

Photography by Merwin Adenan, Image courtesy of S&C and Coulisse Ink
Location: Natuzzi Italia by Melandas Indonesia
Stylist: Koko Namara  

The Women’s Empowerment

This month, S&C wants to invite you to get to know two women who are successful in their respective fields in a light dialogue between them. And this time, Christine  from PT Metaphor Indonesia had a small intimate interview with Jenfilia S Arifin from Coulisse INK & Sandei Blinds. Be inspired!

Jenfilia S Arifin & Christine

Jenfilia Suwandrei Arifin currently serves as Director of Coulisse Ink and Sandei Blinds. Jenfilia herself has been with Coulisse Ink since the company was founded in 2016. While Sandei Blinds has been with her since 2012. Her responsibilities in both companies are significant. Ensure that the internal company runs smoothly, think and execute marketing strategies, such as sales, are handled properly, and find solutions if there are problems.

Here are the questionnaires by Christine to Jenfilia S. Arifin

1. What do you already love about the company, and one thing you would change about the company?

What I love about the company: I never work alone, always have a team. We always appreciate teamwork and collaboration. We always try to be open-minded and open to each other, keep learning from each other, appreciate and respect each other’s strengths not focus on weaknesses, we believe the process is important. With this teamwork, we never feel alone, always feel strong, see all aspects more subjective, pass obstacles easier, we grow together, and find solutions faster and better. Every time I face difficulties, I never feel worried as I know my team will support me.

One thing I would change: The thing is… the company always keeps changing. We have to stay dynamic to move forward. We have to stay open-minded, learn, and change the part that doesn’t work well.

2. What are your technical needs for this company?

The company offers solutions that could assist interior design and architecture through operable partitions and window coverings. Therefore, our teams must have technical skills in those fields and of course, great product knowledge is important. Yet, if we are talking about what the company needs to run, it might need more than product knowledge. I believe all companies with any kind of products are all the same, we need strong products and uniqueness, good human resources and organization, good strategy, vision and plan, good marketing, and many more.

Jenfilia S. Arifin

3. The lessons you get with a pandemic situation like this…

The pandemic forced us to pause. We might forget to stop and see. With the pandemic, we did lots of evaluation and reorganizing. With the pandemic, we realized we are pretty flexible and adaptable. The condition also teaches us to have capable financial planning and a stable foundation. Also, internal-external support is critical. Luckily our area recovered pretty quickly. Pandemic also taught us to be more grateful and appreciate every step, moment, person, and anything we have.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

And another thing that we learned, we have to have diversity in business. Therefore during the pandemic, we started to build Brunhaus & co, organic foods company. Without a pandemic, I guess we never know that there are many ways to do our jobs. Without a pandemic, we didn’t have time to analyze. Without the pandemic, we wouldn’t have Brunhaus & co.

4. What is the greatest challenge the industry is facing today?
The challenge is how could we always create a future? Like technology, after we fulfill one, the world always demands more. We have to catch up quickly and anything that is updated. On the other hand, the other question is how can we create something that will not go to waste or something that will leave a mark on the earth? That will always be our challenge.

5. Describe your job’s style in 5 words in business and method of work?

Innovating. Creativity. Process. Collaboration. Solutions

6. What does your family normally do in their spare time?

We do sports, lately, we love ice skating and rollerblading. Baking, Cooking, Reading, Painting, Creating Something and going to nature. And of course, movie nights are also our favorite.

7. The latest interesting article that you have read recently…..

I enjoy the style section to see lots of beautiful designs all over the world. The last one was about the Forest Retreat by Norm Architects.

Coulisse | INKZipblind & VF