Ten Wild Experiences at Bali Zoo


Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 13 June 2017

Text by Prami Pratiwi-Radcliffe, Photography courtesy of Bali Zoo

Driving fifteen minutes away from Ubud, in the heart of an art village Singapadu lies a hidden jungle sanctuary, home to four hundred and fifty exotic faunas majority of which are indigenous to Indonesia. Spanning over ten hectares of lush landscape, Bali Zoo is designed to create places and spaces for animals and guests to enjoy the interaction and connection with all living things on the planet.

Charming garden of the interior pathway sheltered with tropical plants leads guest through various animal encounter sessions where visitor are allowed to observe, feed and pet the zoo inhabitants. It is all part of Bali Zoo’s pledge to conservation, education and recreation as the island’s premier zoological park.

Embarking on a mission to stay relevant with the ever changing visitors specially wildlife enthusiast, Bali Zoo has recently introduce a new identity of striking bold, fun, modern and vibrant logo and tagline Love.Conserve,Share . The new emblem features three of the first residents that were welcomed to the park, namely Deer, Cassowary and Orangutan. The changes are not only aesthetic but also offers fresh ideas that modernize the concepts behind Bali Zoo.

Ten wild experiences not to miss at Bali Zoo

  1. Take intimacy to a whole new level and dive into an unforgettable experience of mahout for a day. Spend a full day with the largest land animal on earth and experience first hand how to bathe, scrub and ultimately command your gentle Sumatran elephant.


  2. The real adventure begins after dark; discover the rarely sights and sounds of the animals in their nocturnal habitats at Night at the Zoo. Dine under the stars next to the open-air lion’s den enclosure while enjoying dramatic fire dance performance and gourmet cuisines.


  3. Brace yourself for the most enthralling wildlife experience by feeding Bengal tigers that is only meter away and crocodile fishing.


  4. Meet the personalities, especially renowned Borneo orangutan Jacky, who had just turned 38 years old. His unique personality of grumpy, playful and attention seeking has invited many return visitors.


  5. Stay up close and personal during private animal encounters session with baby crocodile, binturong, python, gibbon and tiger cub.


  6. Witness the exotic feathered friends flock and frolic in the natural habitat at the bird show. The experienced keepers will take your eyes on an aviary sightsee.


  7. Savor the lavish chocolate lava cake as it softly melts in your mouth at Wana restaurant.


  8. Enjoy petting and feeding the fun friendly Timor deer, endangered kambing gembrong, rabbits and wallaby at the petting zoo.


  9. Enjoy petting and feeding the fun friendly Timor deer, endangered kambing gembrong, rabbits and wallaby at the petting zoo.


  10. Enjoy Bali’s scenic pathway that winds through the vast areas of the park from a comfortable bench seat perched atop Sumatran elephants during elephant expedition. You can also see the pachyderm sleep area and special designed pond.


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