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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 06 March 2024

Images courtesy Louis Vuitton

A new 360 concept including store, café, restaurant and exhibition

Bangkok 28th February, Louis Vuitton has unveiled ‘LV The Place Bangkok’ at Gaysorn Amarin, a new 360 concept featuring an immersive exhibition, café, store, and restaurant by chef Gaggan Anand. The immersive space, occupying two floors of the downtown retail complex, features a dream-like aura with giant diamond shapes glowing at night. It integrates retail, dining, and culture, showcasing the brand’s imagination and creation.

Visionary Journeys
Louis Vuitton
‘s Visionary Journeys exhibition is a unique scenographic experience designed by Shohei Shigematsu, Partner of OMA. The exhibition features thematic rooms that recontextualize historic and contemporary pieces, immersing visitors in the foundational pillars of savoir-faire, innovation, travel, and creation. The exhibition begins with a Trunkscape, where 96 trunk modules are assembled as a tunnel, transporting visitors into a story of craft and ingenuity. The next room, Origins, showcases the Vuitton family’s contributions to the Maison through archival documents and items detailing early inspirations and designs. The next room, dedicated to Iconic Bags, celebrates 25 years of fashion history at Louis Vuitton through five iconic bag models and their reinterpretations by the Maison’s artistic directors. The final space, Collaboration, explores the artistic relationships that have yielded some of the most popular and memorable bags in fashion history. A semi-circle of animated screens transforms a backdrop of 184 chrome-dipped bags into a cinematic showcase of each artist’s distinct pattern.

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Gaggan at Louis Vuitton
at Louis Vuitton, the Maison’s first restaurant in South Asia, features Indian chef Gaggan Anand curated a ‘food journey’ for lunch and dinner. The fine dining restaurant, featuring ten Italian marble tables, offers a seasonal menu based on the 5 “S” – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, and Surprise. The restaurant also features a private dining room with a view of the kitchen. The concept embraces the vibrancy of Bangkok with cross-cultural flare, extending Louis Vuitton‘s ambitious global lifestyle vision. The 360 concept for Gaysorn Amarin establishes a new blueprint for future Louis Vuitton spaces.

Le Café Louis Vuitton
Le Café Louis Vuitton, located on the ground floor, offers a lush ambiance blending botanical design elements with chic Maison details. The patisserie selection includes cakes, tarts, parfaits, and ice cream sandwiches with signature Louis Vuitton flourishes. Treats include Star Blossom Cake, Monogram Cake, and Mango Sticky Rice Fizz. The interior uses natural materials like wood, raffia, and plants, mirroring the Southeast Asian city climate. The large, curved counter displays the dessert selection, allowing customers to explore the confections at their leisure.

The Store
LV The Place Bangkok offers a contemporary shopping experience with vintage furniture and colorful artworks. The store focuses on men’s and women’s product universes, curated for discerning clients seeking exceptional design. Exclusive products like the Alma Nano Rainbow, Cruise 2024 T-shirt, and LV Trainer Upcycling sneaker are available worldwide. Personalization is available through hot stamping, with a special “Nong (meaning younger sibling in Thai) Vivienne” design created for the opening.

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