Houses of Style and Inspiration

A Celebration of Indonesia’s Finest. Hotel No. 12 – Part II


Text by Anggita D. S, Photographer by Merwin Adenan.

Wednesday 02 November 2016



To Prasetio, the anyaman (weaving using different materials such as wood, metal, and ropes) is a symbol of tradition. He chose to interpret this in a traditionally styled bedroom but with a modern feel. “Using a simple motif with different materials actually makes it look very modern,” confirms Prasetio. To top it all off, accessories designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi actually created the bedposts of white weaved metal. So cutting-edge!

Roland Adam – TONDANO CAFE

With an approximately 25-year experience as interior designer under his belt, Roland Adam’s expertise leaves no room for doubt. As shown by its name, Roland was inspired by Lake Tondano in North Celebes when designing this cafe. “The elements of Celebes’ motifs and colours can be seen in the gray marble flooring combined with the green wallpaper,” says Roland. “It’s like seeing the beautiful view of pine forests all around the lake in the early morning.”


Interior consultant Joke Roos chose the soothing megamendung pattern as inspiration for the relaxation and spa lounge. Noting that she was challenging herself in doing something that she’s never done before, Joke has elevated the popular pattern into something more modern by using it as mosaic tiles for the room. “The design characteristics of a relaxation room is its function,” says Joke. “When people come in here, they expect to feel comfortable and relaxed, so they can go out of here feeling more spirited and brand new.”