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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 26 June 2024

Images courtesy of Zucchetti


Zucchetti’s presentation at the 2024 Salone Internazionale del Bagno draws inspiration from the serene allure of nature, combined with the sheer sophistication of its product range. This setting serves as the ideal backdrop for the launch of two new collections, each paying homage to the magnificent proportions created by nature.

The first, Pan S, is an innovative reimagination of the famous Pan series, envisioned by the renowned designers Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba – representing the first ever single-lever mixer boasting an organic matrix.

The second collection, Sablier, is born from a collaboration with Monica Armani’s design studio; crafted from steel, Sablier underscores Zucchetti’s commitment to experimenting with this material, showcasing unprecedented shapes that seamlessly combine technology and nature. The exhibition stand is crafted by Studio Lys. Further framing these collections are the visionary works of the international creative studio, Mary Lennox. Renowned for their romantic and evocative portrayal of nature, Mary Lennox has conceived two projects, one celebrating minerals, and the other botanical wonders.

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Pan S
Zucchetti introduces Pan S, a contemporary evolution of the renowned collection Pan, conceived in 2004 by Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba. At its inception, the Pan collection radically transformed the concept of the cylindrical single-lever mixer, embracing a bold and innovative approach drawing inspiration from nature. Seamlessly fusing vertical and horizontal elements of the faucet without any cuts or welding, the designers conceived a product where every component merges harmoniously.

Drawing inspiration from the organic world, the faucet’s body mimics the elegance of a tree trunk, while the spout and lever gracefully emerge like branches, reminiscent of natural grafting. This visionary approach yielded a compact yet elegantly simple object, defined by the absence of joints. Over time, the Pan collection evolved to cater to needs and tastes; swiftly gaining traction in the market, it emerged as Zucchetti’s flagship product, introducing fresh aesthetics and innovative typologies that mirror the variety in nature, its primary muse.

20 years later Pan evolved into Pan S: the aesthetics and functionality of the new collection are accentuated eliminating cuts and welds to create an even more organic design. Body, spout, lever, and handle unite in fluid and uninterrupted forms, conveying a sense of perfection and natural harmony. Pan S stands as a design classic, an emblem of timeless elegance among bathroom fixtures, seamlessly merging the essence of nature with unparalleled functionality.

Enhanced with a new three-hole version and a range of modern, daringly colored finishes inspired by natural tones and shades, the collection takes on an even more contemporary look. The various colors, including Gesso, Mirto, Salvia, Cipria, and Chili, add a unique, original, and diverse element, setting new benchmarks in faucet aesthetics. Complementing this palette are sophisticated finishes like PVD chocolate, British gold, and total black, all exuding a contemporary feeling that amplifies the collection’s inherent elegance and style.

Sablier is a new collection of stainless steel faucets envisioned by the design studio Monica Armani. Using AISI 316L steel as its main material, this collection introduces a unique and different treatment of steel. While steel is conventionally associated with rigid, angular forms, with Sablier, it is sculpted with remarkable delicacy, infusing each element with fluidity and grace, alongside a pleasing softness to the touch. The contours evoke the silhouette of an hourglass, from which the collection draws its name—a timeless symbol, representing the effects of passing time.

Monica Armani embraced the challenge of designing their first-ever faucet with enthusiasm—a technical product requiring meticulous attention to detail despite its compact dimensions. Sablier channels the organic essence and comforting vibes of mountain landscapes. Modern and refined, this collection is meticulously crafted to capture the transformative forces of elements like time, wind, and water on the natural surroundings.

“For us, it was imperative not only to craft precise and functional objects but also to infuse them with a distinct character. The journey of creating Sablier was a fusion of magic and logic: drawing inspiration from our origins, and recalling tactile and visual sensations from our memories, all while employing technical expertise and a fervent passion for the machinery that shapes materials. The outcome is a harmonious synthesis of nature and human innovation, evident across the collection, encapsulating our commitment to innovating with finesse while upholding a robust technological foundation,” remark Monica Armani and Luca Dallabetta, co-founders of the studio

In addition to the conventional brushed steel processing, Sablier ventures into a new surface finish, achieved using sandblasting as a technique. Pieces treated with this method feature a matte surface, subtly altering light reflection and enhancing the product’s aesthetics, rendering it even softer and more lavish.

Sablier distinguishes itself through its graceful fusion of organic forms and premium materials, catering not only to practical requirements but also resonating with a distinctive aesthetic. This aesthetic ethos reflects an innovative spirit and a deep-rooted connection with the natural world. The culmination is a collection epitomizing the convergence of contemporary design, comfort, and environmental consciousness. With meticulous attention to detail and a delightful tactile experience, every interaction with Sablier becomes a memorable affair, elevating everyday moments with a touch of warmth.

Mary Lennox, a renowned Berlin studio celebrated for its diverse portfolio spanning fashion, design, and automotive, collaborates for the first time with Zucchetti, debuting into the world of faucets. In synergy with Studio Lys, Mary Lennox Studio conceives two installations to complement the Pan S and Sablier collections. The objective was to illuminate the inherent bond between objects and the natural environment, seamlessly merging the organic flow of nature with the refined functionality of Zucchetti products.

The creative process unfolds through a captivating dialogue and a profound grasp of Zucchetti’s design philosophy, guiding the selection of natural materials that harmonize effortlessly with the essence of the collections. For the Sablier line, Mary Lennox Studio draws inspiration from the beauty of sands, stones, and minerals, exploring their evolving appearance over time and interaction with the surroundings. Each pebble encapsulates a narrative; collectively, they form an enlarged vision of sand grains—each one distinct and irreplaceable yet intertwined in a captivating landscape.

For the PAN S collection, the studio employs leaves and branches of beetleweed to fashion geometric patterns reminiscent of fractals. These patterns, repeating across different scales, evoke a sense of dynamic movement and vitality. The choice of materials is guided by a poetic intuition, with themes of motion and texture guiding the selection of pebbles and foliage. The vision of Mary Lennox Studio transcends conventional design, evolving into a sensory voyage celebrating innovation and nature. Through the installations, it beckons visitors on a contemplative journey, where the fluid forms of the faucets mirror the timeless rhythms of the natural world.

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