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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 16 May 2024

Images courtesy of ZAZZERI



Mini dimensions and great appeal for the new Zazzeri collection

SURF is the new collection of taps by Zazzeri characterized by a simple, clean line and a fresh, contemporary design, as the name of the collection evokes. With its dynamic structure and elegant appearance, SURF enters the market with character and sobriety at the same time, with an attractive, compact, and extremely pleasant design. The central body has several curves and a sloping mouth that connects with the body, creating an elegant balance of shapes and spaces. Made of cast brass, SURF is a tap with compact dimensions, a feature that distinguishes it from the collections on the market.


Small size was the technological challenge Zazzeri faced in order to be able to fit the complex functions of the tap into a small space, without altering its beauty, appearance and performance. SURF is a compact, small faucet that fits easily into any type of bathroom. The washbasin version is available in different heights as well as the wall-mounted version with different jet lengths. In addition to the classic chrome finish, the new collection is also available in Brushed Steel, White, Black, Polished Brass and, on demand, in five other different colours: Black Brushed Nikel, Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass, Rose Gold and Nikel Black.

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In addition to a wide range of offers for the washbasin, SURF is characterized by a distinctive hand shower that recalls the design of the entire collection. Its shape, in fact, faithfully echoes that of the mixer jets, thus presenting itself as thin and rounded on the edges and with a wide radius on the top. Made of cast brass, the SURF hand shower is equipped with three pivoting spray jets and a carbon black silicone handle that is the same, together with the black PVC hose, for all available finishes. The SURF hand shower distinguishes the entire collection by its different uses that make it the queen of versatility.


From the usual hand shower set, equipped with a wall mounted water outlet and support, when combined with its dedicated wall-mounted shower arm it can also be used as a shower head. If combined with the external shower or bathtub set, again with the aid of its dedicated arm, it can be used as both hand shower and shower head. If it is mounted on the floor-standing bathtub column, the hand shower performs the dual function of bathtub jet and, if removed from its support, of hand shower.


As the entire collection, the SURF hand shower, in addition to the classic chrome finish, is also available in Brushed Steel, White, Black, Polished Brass and, on request, in five other different colours: Brushed Nikel Black, Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass, Rose Gold and Nikel Black. Thanks to its unprecedented design, different colours and multiple forms of use, the new SURF hand shower easily satisfies the tastes and meets the needs of a wide and demanding public, fitting with elegance and character into any type of bathroom, whether residential or contract.


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