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VIA PIAVE 33 F/W 2024


Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 26 February 2024

Images courtesy of Via Piave

Abstract and Volatile, while Concrete and Eternal

The Collection/Time:
The FW 24-25 Collection re-proposes the world’s concepts and vision through contemporary, gender-adoptive clothing for everyday life. By reintroducing some unaltered pieces from previous collections, the collection aims to create a temporal loop where things mature and become new simultaneously. Time is seen as a value and luxury, with inspiration from natural landscapes and elements. The collection introduces a pale green color from an experimental natural dyeing process using leaves and mineral powders. The collection also features white and green hand-made knit pieces of hair wool yarns, which are worked with leaving space for a lack of fabric, creating holes that allow for visibility and a sense of intimacy. Time also ALTERS the functions of garments according to various moments of the day, such as the underwear maintaining its function but also becoming active, and the knitted tan-top becoming a dress or a wrap. 

The Space:
This collection is not presented as a physical experience but as an ambient space, a time-saver that promotes connections and spiritual journeys. The set design is metaphorically inspired by a domestic place, where the inside (brain) makes room for the outside (body), creating an interesting tension between nature and technology. The shelter is shaped with minimal furnishings and elements made of pure and simple materials like cotton, aluminum, candles, soil, and water. The food served is fresh, dried fruit, serving as a statement of the paramount essence of things and life at its pure stage. The textured layers of sounds encourage passive and active listening, promoting calm and contemplation. Small steps with long distances.

Presented by Som Santoso

The Garments:
Our understanding of garments begins with their connection to the human mind, body, and environment. Inspired by vintage menswear and womenswear classics, they are contemporary and ready-to-wear, promoting conversations about time, imagination, protection, and the ordinary life of humans.

The Production:
Our garments are made in Italy using small factories, prioritizing quality and craftsmanship. We empower artisans’ know-how, maintain low stock, and produce only when requested by store orders or limited online orders.

The Fabrics:
Our collection consists of high-quality organic fabrics like denim, jersey, and polyester, as well as natural dyeing processes like net, paper, and natural dyeing processes. We also experiment with dyeing processes.

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