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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 21 May 2024

Images courtesy of VENINI

VENINI presents new collections and re-editions of historic projects signed by Gio Ponti for Milan Design Week 2024.

Art and technique, color and rigor, creativity and craftsmanship are the precious ingredients of a centuries-old recipe that, every day, the master glassmakers of VENINI shake up to create timeless works with an innovative design.

VENINI_Clessidre sommerse_collection_2024

Within the Murano furnace’s alchemy, molten glass is transformed into tangible objects, capturing all the enchantment of a tradition steeped in gestures and secret recipes. Over its century-long journey since inception, this heritage has remained ever dynamic, enriched by encounters with some of the most esteemed artists and designers on the international scene, whose creative vision VENINI has translated into timeless works of art.

VENINI_Brocca a fasce policrome

A steadfast principle that has long defined the company is celebrated during the Milano Design Week 2024 through the concept of “The Heart Beats”. This concept pays homage to the vibrant and pulsating creativity that has animated the furnace since its inception, fostering collaboration with renowned designers, the likes of Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti and Fulvio Bianconi since the early decades of the 20th century.

VENINI_Servizio Pezzente_biccheri e bottiglie (Pezzente tableware)

During Milan Design Week, these partnerships are honored through projects that revisit, pay homage to, and draw inspiration from the work of these designers. These initiatives exemplify the DAMIANI Group’s commitment to enriching its corporate heritage and VENINI’s artistic trajectory, illustrating how the present is shaped by the interplay of memory and awareness of our surroundings.

VENINI_Servizio APEM_Bicchieri e bottiglia (APEM tableware)

“This year marks the 100th anniversary of Damiano’s activity, exemplifying the core values synonymous with ‘Made in Italy’: excellence of craftsmanship, beauty, and technological know-how. On this auspicious occasion, we wish to accentuate the distinct value of VENINI’s artistic heritage. It is a brand that has always stood out, then as now, for its ability to entrust artists and designers with the interpretation of the glass medium. These new collections, comprising re-editions and unpublished works thus aim to pay homage to those who conceived them, as well as to the mastery of those who shaped them, a magical combination that, together with the company’s great passion, has made possible the creation of masterpieces still appreciated worldwide.Silvia Damiani, Vice-President of the Gruppo DAMIANI and President of VENINI

VENINI_Collezione a canne a sei colori (Six-colour band collection)

Continuing the narrative of historical collaborations, the company forges new partnerships with contemporary creatives, including renowned architect Peter Marino. Known for his visionary approach that transcends convention, Marino has crafted a series of distinctive works with striking visual impact over the years.

VENINI Cilindro limited edition vases design by Peter Marino 2024

The brand’s presence at the Salone del Mobile and the boutique in Via Montenapoleone will be transformed into a stage, celebrating VENINI’s dual essence: the Art Glass collection and the Art Light collection, signifying an ongoing exploration of beauty through design This exploration of VENINI’s art glass and its innovative DNA is profoundly sensorial.

VENINI Black Belt glasses design by Peter Marino 2024

Pad. 9 Stand L06 – L08

The VENINI stand at the Salone del Mobile is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where light, matter, and creativity come together in a unique sensorial experience.

VENINI_Salone del Mobile_Set up

The visually striking reproduction of the monumental “Poliedri” cascade chandelier designed by Carlo Scarpa for the “Italia ‘61” international exposition held in 1961, occupies one side of the stand.

Presented by Som Santoso

It is an architecture of light composed of various modular elements in blown glass that make it possible to create lighting fixtures of infinitely variable shapes and sizes, demonstrating the company’s talent for proposing custom-made solutions for both residential and contract settings.


The installation is surrounded by semi-circular mirrored walls that, through reflection, dialogue with the central element and engage the visitors in a visual experience. A large mirror placed on the floor evokes the watery surface of its original installation site, reintroducing the creator’s vision. Meanwhile, a sizable screen nearby will narrate the story behind the artwork.

VENINI X Gruppo Damiani collection

The majestic chandelier will also be at the heart of an immersive and emotional performance conceived to engage the visitor.
VENINI_Pesca Collection_2024

On the other side of the stand, the exhibition path winds through sinuous displays featuring the new collection proposals.


The centerpiece of the presentation is the new collection of previously unproduced works and reissues works by Gio Ponti.

VENINI_Lampadario a sospensione Lumen (Suspension lamp Lumen)

Among the most significant collaborations in VENINI’s history, the partnership with Architect Ponti has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the brand’s journey. Wishing to pay tribute to this creative partnership, VENINI has chosen to unveil a collection of reissues and previously unreleased works, designed by the architect since the late 1940s. This includes sets of glasses and bottles adorned with “pezze”, pieces of colored glass, a vase, carafe, and glasses with colored canes, bottles featuring feminine silhouettes in two-tone glass, and a collection of chandeliers and stained-glass windows reissued from Ponti’s original designs.

VENINI_Bottiglia Donna Campigliesca (Donna Campigliesca bottle) | VENINI_Bottiglia Vecchia Dama (Vecchia Dama bottle)

Among other product innovations are the Clessidre Sommerse, expanding the collection created by Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini in 1957. A series of timeless jewels that narrate the relentless passage of time and show the master glassmakers’ skill in combining very complex manufacturing techniques.

VENINI_Lampada Vetratagrossa | VENINI_Vetrate grosse (Decorative glass walls)

The Art Glass collection is also expanded by the new Pesca capsule collection that revamps the iconic Fazzoletto, Deco, Monofiore Balloton, Balloton Fiori, and Opalino vases, as well as the Ritagli, Honeycomb Battuto, Acco, Idalion, and Sidone designer vases, with pink and orange highlights. A captivating color evoking sensations of calm serenity, sweetness and harmony and speaks of the brand’s ability to interpret the latest trends in the interior design world creatively and emotionally.

VENINI_Flower Shop in Milan

Not to be overlooked are the new lighting proposals: the Fantasmino XL, Gran Balloton Luce, and Gran Deco Luce lamps, which recall the design of iconic VENINI vases, harmoniously complete the various rooms of the house. Fitted with dimmable led technology offering three degrees of intensity, they create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Lastly, Peter Marino, the maestro of modern luxury, emerges, his unmistakable touch extending the Black Belt collection with glasses of captivating aesthetics, and introducing an elegant, limited edition to the Cilindro series.

Via Montenapoleone 10

In the heart of Milan’s Quadrilatero Boutique VENINI stands out as a symbolic location for art glass.

A two-story exhibition space for iconic works and new collections and a meeting place for developing custom-made projects for the Contract and Residential sectors.

A place where you can immerse yourself in the VENINI glass culture and discover the unique artistic heritage that has allowed it to create, over the years, instantly recognizable works capable of seamlessly blending a profound knowledge of tradition with the charm of contemporary aesthetics.

For the design week, the Boutique unveils a fresh arrangement crafted to highlight the 2024 innovations, featuring everything from the Gio Ponti collection to the Clessidre Sommerse and the new Pesca Collection.

The new products conceived by Peter Marino, alongside select recent collections crafted by contemporary designers, exemplify VENINI’s gift for extending its savoir-faire to international creatives who skilfully reinterpret it through their own stylistic lenses.

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