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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 12 October 2023

Images courtesy of Tissot

Chronicles in Craftsmanship

A tribute to watchmaking tradition, the Tissot Heritage 1938 collection magnificently encapsulates Tissot‘s historical prowess, reviving designs from a storied past.

Reflecting the aesthetics of the late 1930s, this collection resonates with individuals — both men and women — who have a fondness for watchmaking history and value craftsmanship. As timepieces predicated upon the COSC movement, this collection is crafted for the true watch connoisseur.

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Each watch in the Tissot Heritage 1938 collection, sized at a versatile 39mm, boasts a 316L stainless steel case, shielded by a resilient sapphire crystal. Offering up to 50m of water resistance, they’re perfect for daily wear. The see-through case back provides a glimpse into the meticulous Swiss movement at the heart of the Tissot timepiece. With automatic movements and COSC certification, wearers can trust in their consistent and meticulous performance. Bâton hands ensure a clear view of the time, while the leather straps, maturing over time, give each watch its distinct character. The addition of an interchangeable quick-release bracelet provides adaptability for all models

Distinctive & Vintage, the Tissot Heritage Small Second Auto COSC 1938
Characterised by its anthracite embossed dial featuring pronounced Arabic numbers, this watch evokes the sleek elegance of 1930s design. Its adaptability shines with two bracelet options: a characterful-grained leather and a Milanese bracelet, giving wearers the flexibility of choice. Powered by the 2895-2 COSC movement with a small second, it offers reliability and a nod to tradition.

Minimalistic & Timeless, the Tissot Heritage Gent Auto COSC 1938
The Gent model, available in two variations, showcases a soft sandblasted dial adorned with embossed Arabic numbers. Echoing the simple charm of the 1930s, its design is paired with a classic grained leather strap. The 2824-2 COSC movement at its heart stands as an affirmation of its craftsmanship.

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