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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 15 July 2022

Photography by Merwin Adenan, Image courtesy of S&C and PT Metaphor Indonesia
Location: Natuzzi Italia by Melandas Indonesia
Stylist: Koko Namara

The Women’s Empowerment

This month, S&C wants to invite you to get to know two women who are successful in their respective fields in a light dialogue between them. And this time, had a small intimate interview with Jenfilia S Arifin from Coulisse INK & Sandei Blinds and Christine from PT Metaphor Indonesia. Be inspired!

Jenfilia S Arifin from Coulisse INK & Sandei Blinds and Christine from PT Metaphor Indonesia

Christine has been with PT Metaphor Indonesia for almost 13 years and now serves as a Senior Associate,  with the main responsibility to handle the design project and manage it until completion. And together with other associates, the team continues to develop the design progress in a more advanced and better approach.

Here are the questionnaires by Jenfilia S. Arifin to Christine

1. What is the essence of design in your opinion?

I think design is about people and how they live. Their lifestyle, daily needs, activities, and all are connected. Design is not always about making pretty things, there are other values such as how we create something to be more attractive, visually appealing, and at the same time meaningful and useful for people and the environment. Every design should have its own identity.

2. Any general advice for loving and staying loyal to your ultimate dream job?

Maybe it’s a cliché, but you better work based on your passion, which is true. It’s important to find your passion nowadays or else you could get stressed easily. When your job is the same as your passion, you definitely will work with all your heart and would always try to give the best you can. You won’t realize the time spent doing what you like and dream of.

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3. What is the biggest achievement in your work so far?

My love of blueprint drawing is what made me enter the interior design industry. Going through every design process from the beginning until the completion of the space is an achievement for me. And together with Metaphor Interior Architecture, we have won international design awards on some of our projects. I think that is my biggest achievement so far.
Christine from PT Metaphor Indonesia

4. What sparks joy at your job?

As interior designers, we have the opportunity to see a lot of beautiful designs, and materials, meet and work with other professionals in the industry, and also the chance to meet clients with their unique projects. There is this feeling of satisfaction when we see our projects become reality, from just mere sketches on paper to construction to the actual opening of the space. The time, effort, and process that we invested all paid off once we see the result. It’s a joy to see people accept our design, especially when it also helps with the activity and operation of their business.

5. Do you have any hobbies or extracurricular activities that are still related to design

When it comes to hobbies, I think my hobby is unique, I like updates. Therefore, I encourage myself to be updated with anything that is happening nowadays through the news, and social media, and by visiting, experiencing, and exploring certain places.

6. What inspires you (both in general and at work)?

Inspiration can come from anything anywhere. For me, it is important to have a ‘me’ time, where I can just simply watch a movie, read a magazine, hang out at a coffee shop, or travel. Sometimes it could also be as simple as taking a little time to relax, a step back to think. it’s a little trick that works for me.

7. The latest movie that you have seen recently..…
Top Guns: Maverick! I love watching movies, especially action and hi-tech genres that trigger adrenaline.

Coulisse | INKZipblind & VF