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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 24 January 2024

Text and images courtesy of Studio Row

A great artisanal mastery – made of brass

A lamp conceived as a game. Diabolo, the new collection of ceiling lamps by Studio Row, the Japanese lighting design brand founded in 2021 by Hiroki Hakamada.

Hiroki Hakamada

Just like this impressive Oriental tool, also the lamp by Studio Row is made of two “bowls” combined with each other in a kind of hour-glass shape and supported by a belt. The only difference is in the materials. While the juggling device is often made of rubber and plastic, the Diabolo lamp, on the other hand, is made of brass, for the diffuser, and faux leather, for the belts.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

Materials which constitute a red thread in all the collections penned by this Japanese studio. Moreover, as is the case for all the other products in the catalogue, every element of Diabolo is finished and assembled carefully and exclusively by hand. All lamps by Studio Row are the result of the encounter between a refined formal research and great artisanal mastery. An encounter that transforms every object into something precious and truly unique. To be experienced and admired day after day. Equipped with LED lights, Diabolo is offered in the one-element or five-element versions.

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