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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 27 June 2023

Images courtesy of Slide

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

SLIDE at Salone del Mobile 2023 with a new exhibition model: Cordiale Café.

In 2023, stand D14 in Hall 10 at Salone del Mobile.Milano will see a SLIDE display in full 1920s style. A product line introduced two years ago by designer Roberto Paoli, who has long worked with the company to create unique designs and modern, functional furniture for the entire contract and event sector, is being developed and expanded. In the year dedicated to light, Paoli continues his study on the Cordiale Collection, which started out as luminous counters and bar cabinets, and is now declined in a lamp, Cordialina, and a mirror, also designed for the domestic sector. Cordiale is the fil rouge, the dominant theme that runs throughout the stand at Salone del Mobile, which has become the Cordiale Café for the occasion: an environment for meeting, exchange, research and in-depth study. The layout, designed by Roberto Paoli, consists of a large counter in the centre of the room surrounded by islands, walls with Art Deco geometric motifs and symmetrical structures, niches, soft lighting and a green outdoor corner.

The latest proposals by the Buccinascobased company are part of this context; the new Ottocento Lamp, born from the pencil of Paola Navone, which continues her collaboration and completes a collection articulated in tables of all shapes and sizes, chairs and stools, characterised by a high-performance use of plastic powders introduced in the rotational moulding process, which give an unmistakable aesthetic signature. But also Enjoy and Bunny, the most pop and irreverent proposals on SLIDE’s 2023 stand. The first is a sinuous and ergonomic bench, designed by Adriana Lohmann in collaboration with Giò Colonna Romano, conceived and produced with two seats, because joy must be shared! Enjoy is versatile, ready to bring its joy of living into indoor and outdoor settings. The second, Bunny, is a sculpture born from the creative flair of the great Japanese artist Aki Kuroda, and the collaboration with the Yoyo Maeght Gallery. The smaller version, Bunny, and the larger version, Cosmo Bunny, are the perfect synthesis of artistic sculpture and industrial production. Created in polyethylene in the SLIDE factory on the outskirts of Milan by means of rotational moulding, with their large ears and dazed look, the sculptures are available in 13 standard colours.

The collaboration with Favaretto&Partners also continues, catalysing the work of two years, from which Ambrogio and Amanda, the two service tables with irreverent anthropomorphic shapes, were born in a new synthesis project: Together. A table at a height of 70 centimetres, therefore designed as a side support for serving, which presents the double design, Amanda on one side, Ambrogio on the other, presented both in standard colours and in the special colours of EcoAllene, the second life plastic derived from Tetrapak. These proposals are well balanced in the Cordiale Café, distributed among the islands of which it is composed, and become an exhibition pretext for the company to talk about the great research that SLIDE has been conducting in recent years on plastic materials, on production according to the rules of the circular economy, on the great work of combining industry and craftsmanship. SLIDE also introduces itself to the international audience at Salone del Mobile by introducing a new web platform, website entirely renewed and integrated with the e-shop (we remind you that SLIDE was one of the first companies in the world of design to have in-house ecommerce) in three languages and a useful working tool for designers, contractors and private individuals all over the world.

CORDIALINA, design Roberto Paoli
is the table lamp with rechargeable battery which recalls the Art Deco style that inspired the whole Cordiale Collection, composed by bar counters and lamps. The elegant design, embellished with brass elements, and the homogeneous light make Cordialina ideal to create a discreet and welcoming table centrepiece.

CORDIALE MIRROR, design Roberto Paoli
Collection becomes richer with Cordiale Mirror, the mirror with shapes and grooves that reminds of the Art Deco style of the whole collection. Balanced, refined and with a strong personality, Cordiale Mirror is available in two different sizes and in all standard and lacquered colours.

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GIOTTO MIRROR, design Roberto Paoli
Roberto Paoli’
s perfect circle becomes an essential and elegant mirror: Giotto Mirror customises contract and residential furnishings thanks to the countless combinations of dimensions and colours. Available in two sizes, Giotto Mirror can give a touch of light in the luminous version, a pop soul in the standard colours or a more glamorous style in the lacquered version.

OTTOCENTO LAMP, design Paola Navone OTTO Studio
With its refined base inspired by Neoclassicism artistic movement and its rich-in-Arabesque-details lampshade, Ottocento Lamp is the new item of Ottocento Collection created by Paola Navone. The ten-year collaboration with the designer led to the birth of the first floor lamp designed for SLIDE, ideal for lighting up indoor and outdoor spaces.

 OTTOCENTO UP, design Paola Navone OTTO Studio
Inspired by the Neoclassicism artistic movement of the early 19th century Ottocento Up is the third creation of the tables collection designed by Paola Navone OTTO Studio. Ottocento Up is a tall table, ideal to be combined with the Ribs Up Stool from the same collection, and it reminds of the refined neoclassical columns and is completed by an HPL top with natural textures and finishes like the other models in the collection.

TOGETHER, design Favaretto&Partners
Amanda and Ambrogio have never been so close! Favaretto&Partners creates the new servant table Together, which gets born from the union of the figures of Amanda and Ambrogio. Together is a double-face table that recalls Amanda’s shapes on one side and Ambrogio‘s on the other, and is ideal to be placed next to a sofa or used as an emptying shelf, for a pop touch in a residential project, or at a restaurant table, as a base or side table.

ENJOY, design Adriana Lohmann
Sinuous, ergonomic and symmetrical, a functional sculpture symbol of happiness: Enjoy is the bench designed by Adriana Lohmann and Giò Colonna Romano, conceived and produced with two seats, because joy must be shared! Enjoy is versatile, ready to bring its wish for the joy of living into indoor and outdoor settings, and transversal: the word in fact reads identically on both sides.

BUNNY | COSMO BUNNY, design Aki Kuroda
From the unmistakable creativity of the great Japanese artist Aki Kuroda, and the collaboration with the Yoyo Maeght Art Gallery, SLIDE created the sculptures Bunny and Cosmo Bunny. The project gets born in 2008 from a meeting between the Japanese artist and Giò Colonna Romano, founder of SLIDE, as part of the SLIDE Art project, in which the union between art and design reaches its climax in terms of creativity and research. Large ears and a dazed look, the unmistakable silhouette of Bunny, the smaller version and Cosmo Bunny, the larger version, conquers the indoor and outdoor spaces with its adorable charisma.

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