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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 08 May 2024

Images courtesy of Signature Kitchen Suite

Jewel of Precision for Maximum Capacity and Versatility in the Kitchen

Signature Kitchen Suite is preparing for Milan Design Week, where it will be present with extensive exhibition space and experiential pathway in its showroom in the city, shedding light – through new products and unprecedented collaborations – on one of the central and distinctive characteristics of its high- range built-in appliances: precision. The perfect meeting point between advanced technology and detailed design, precision becomes an art for the accurate preservation and enhancement of the raw materials in the kitchen.

To preview the innovations that will be introduced this coming April, Signature Kitchen Suite presents the French Door 48”, which increases the refrigeration offering of the brand. Built-in and panel-ready, it is a true jewel of freshness, with large and versatile spaces, customisable compartments, and advanced technological standards that guarantee the highest preservation performance with maximum temperature control.

Designed for those who desire more space for chilled foods and beverages, it is composed of five separate compartments for a total capacity of 735 liters: a double-door refrigerator, three-drawer freezer – one of which includes an automatic ice-maker – and a convertible drawer.

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The double-door refrigerator (from 1° to 7°C) is equipped with an extremely sophisticated internal organisation system, with five shelves, of which one is fixed in place and four are independently adjustable in height. In addition, there are two Crisper drawers with telescopic guides and soft closing, designed to guarantee the maximum freshness and longevity of fruit and vegetables. On the doors are six detachable bins in ABS that allow the efficient organisation of bottles, jars, and small food items. The cold water dispenser integrated into the side door is the design solution that does not reduce the useful space of the refrigerator. All the shelves are lit with the True-Illumination™ intelligent LED system that ensures an unobtrusive and uniform light throughout the appliance.

Of the three freezer drawers (from -23°C to -15°C), one is equipped with a practical automatic integrated icemaker with two separate containers, each dedicated to producing ice cubes or spheres that are generated in just 24 hours, guaranteeing a constant reserve for any occasion. With a variation of just 1°C between the set and effective temperatures, the freezer drawers guarantee precise temperature control and allow extremely fast cold transfer for greater general efficiency, both from the energy classification point of view and for guaranteeing the best conservation of foods.

Maximum flexibility of use is ensured by the convertible drawer, which can use custom settings in five different modes, indicated for the preservation of meat and fish (-1°C), for cold drinks (1°C), as a food refrigerator (3°C) and for chilled wine (5°C); alternatively, it can automatically match the temperature of the freezer drawers, increasing their capacity. Once the temperature of the freezer drawers is modified, the convertible drawer will automatically change as well, enhancing the total performance of food conservation.

The French Door 48” is made from luxury materials, aesthetically beautiful as well as functional, such as elegant and durable interiors in glass and stainless steel, elegant and durable, that guarantee optimum hygiene and conservation.

It is an extremely silent product thanks to the presence of two independent Linear Inverter Compressors (LG patented) that ensure excellent performance and help reduce temperature fluctuations to minimal levels. For more precise control, every drawer is electronically managed by a dedicated evaporator.

Like all Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, the French Door 48” is also Wi-Fi ready and can be easily managed remotely through the LG ThinQ app. Among its intelligent functions, the Smart Diagnosis system allows monitoring of the correct function and identification of any problems by holding the mobile device near the appliance.

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