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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 29 June 2023

Images courtesy of Scavolini

The First Scavolini Kitchen Designed For Your Outdoor Moments

Why outdoor? The simple answer is why not! Scavolini has just unveiled the first Scavolini kitchen outdoor marked by excellence “Made in Italy”. This project is the natural outdoor extension of the Formalia collection, designed by Vittore Niolu. Sleek, ergonomic and made with high-performance
materials, Formalia Outdoor carries all this outdoors, to enjoy spending time together, always marked by excellence Made in Italy.
Discover its distinguishing features and start to imagine your next outdoor experience here :

Enjoying space, including outside. Formalia Outdoor is Scavolini kitchen – designed to be smart – developed for life and sociability in the open air and to accommodate a host of different needs and tastes. This project confirms Scavolini intrinsic values: a close relationship between product quality and experienced craftsmanship, that has driven the label to select specific materials for outdoor use, the allure of which is backed by technological research.

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Thanks to its impressive modularity consisting of no less than 19 elements to be combined with latest-generation appliances, each Formalia Outdoor configuration is a unique and exclusive model, designed to fit into any type of outdoor living space and adapt to any furnishing style.
In designing Formalia Outdoor, a lot of attention was given to the choice of materials and finishes that not only ensure high performance, but also express the elegance of an impeccable design.

A special supporting structure, the Status Wall System, in Rust, Black and Titanium finishes to match the outdoor atmosphere to perfection.

Choose the Steel door for a technical and refined look, or pick the Teak wood version for a more textured style. Both solutions ensure the highest technical performance levels.

Formalia Outdoor comes with a selection of built-in handles, in Titanium, Black and Steel finishes: discover all the possible combinations to create your own exclusive style.

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