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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 04 October 2023

Images courtesy of Promemoria

Hollywood: A Name, A Story and A Protagonist

Despite its glitz status, the fame Hollywood is always interesting. Promemoria has just unveiled the new sofa called ‘Hollywood’ sofa. Hollywood is a sofa that exudes comfort from every angle, thanks also to the generously sized cantilevered armrests that can serve as seats. The smooth padding that completely surrounds this sofa makes its design extra soft.

Well-defined geometric shapes characterise the structure of Hollywood – a series of rectangular modules, assembled side by side, give a feeling of stability and security, inspiring confidence.

Like a great stage star, the Hollywood sofa creates the setting for its own performance and, without the need for superfluous accessories, it captivates the audience. Convivial and voluminous, the Promemoria sofa impresses with its spectacularity. The numerous modules allow for endless compositions, causing the perception of comfort to linger on endlessly.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

The fabric upholstery in light and natural tones catches the eye and places the sofa in a colour trend, like a true Hollywood celebrity. The purity of the light nuance emphasises the shapes and at the same time lightens the weight, thus instilling a sense of quietness and simplicity.
Backrest, cushions, armrests – these are the elements that allow comfortable seating and trigger an alchemy between people, inviting them to enjoy closeness and relationships.

Hollywood creates connections and leaves room for imagination, just like its name.

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