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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 03 June 2024

Images courtesy of Potocco

A New Chapter in the Proposal of its Vision for Indoor and Outdoor Contemporary Living

The brand reconfirms its presence at the Salone del Mobile.Milano with a subtle, architectural mise en scene designed by Studio Binocle under the artistic direction of Chiara Andreatti.

A subtle, architectural mise en scene provides the backdrop for an exploration of color and form: Potocco writes a new chapter in the proposal of its vision for indoor and outdoor contemporary living. The brand reconfirms its presence at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 in a brand-new location at Hall 11 – Stand L15 M12, within the fair’s renewed pathway and exhibition flow.

This year’s exhibition design has Studio Binocle founded by Lorenzo Bini to thank, under the artistic direction of Chiara Andreatti. The result is a path of intertwining indoor and outdoor settings with an uninterrupted aesthetic and formal understanding of the design, defined by architectural details and natural colors.

This year’s stand is a major change of pace for the brand, which envisions a compartmentalized and intimate view of living: the sensation of being in a home, without distorting the exhibition essence of the installation. The square, regular floor plan divided into nine rooms is interrupted by rounded walls that accompany the visitor on a fluid, continuous perspective path. The walls feature a tactile concrete-effect finish in warm beige tones, forming the key element of the design: the curved walls reflect a course, scratched texture, while the linear ones are distinguished by a smooth, regular finish. The choice of neutral tones also reverberates in the horizontal taupe-colored surfaces differentiated according to the environments: square compacted-stone tiles for the outdoor area and natural textile fiber for the indoor spaces. The stand also reflects the company’s work toward increasingly sustainable, controlled, and conscious production over the years, ensuring increasingly environmentally friendly processes while maintaining the excellence of the final product. Most of the finishes are used for the Salone del Mobile.Milano this year are reusable surfaces or waste materials that have been given new life.

Potocco presents new products, collection expansions, and best sellers on this refined and elegant stage, featuring precious materials, refined finishes, and an intense and balanced color palette.

Among the new products dedicated to indoors, Potocco presents two new collections designed by Mario Ferrarini, Trousse, and Syn, respectively a seat and dining tables, and some important additions to existing collections: the Jade armchair with armrests and dining chair by Hanne Willmann, the Double L Glaze glass coffee table by Chiara Andreatti, and the armchair with armrests and stool from the Minima collection designed by Mario Ferrarini.

The outdoor and indoor additions feature the Graphic modular sofa by Mario Ferrarini and Victor Vasilev and three new seats from Stephan Veit’s Cut collection: a chair and stool for indoors and a rocking chair for outdoors.

The stand also includes some of Potocco’s latest collections and bestsellers, including the Velis seating collection designed by Mario Ferrarini in a new cane variant, Chiara Andreatti’s Sen furniture unit in its new cherry-colored ash wood finish, Mario Ferrarini’s Hiru seating family in new blue and black tones, Stephan Veit’s Concha seating, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti’s Arial storage system, and the Hishi coffee tables and Sophie table by Chiara Andreatti.

So let’s start digging in!

Trousse, design by Mario Ferrarini
The new Trousse chair designed by Mario Ferrarini is a measured, versatile piece of furniture for the dining area.

Trousse, design by Mario Ferrarini

The design focused on creating a seat with a personality that could simultaneously adapt to different settings as well, also thanks to its stackability, a peculiarity that makes it versatile and quite practical. Trousse is designed to accompany and enrich the aesthetics of interior projects with different styles thanks to its neutral silhouette and sophisticated details.

Mario Ferrarini says, “Trousse is a seat with a discreet character, its addition to any room can create balance among multiple types of interior designs, from the home to hotels and restaurants, giving an immediate sense of comfort thanks to its generous padding and essential structure.”

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Solid ash legs and a wide seat with rounded profiles help create an enveloping piece of furniture with a contemporary aesthetic. Its highlights include ergonomics and stackability, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

Syn, design by Mario Ferrarini
The Syn collection designed by Mario Ferrarini investigates the relationship between the meeting of multiform volumes, coming together. This family consists of two dining room tables with round and rectangular tops, both featuring a base composed of interplaying shapes and materials.

Syn, design by Mario Ferrarini

Designer Mario Ferrarini says, “From the Greek word meaning ‘with, together,Syn is the union of two distinct shapes that cannot be traced back to one another, forming the central leg and ballast, which serves as the base. Also in a balanced contrast, the materials generate a relationship that is always necessary, almost as if it were dialogue.”

The base is the heart of the project: two seemingly distant forms, a parallelepiped, and a cylinder, intersect each other to create a single majestic volume. A formal and functional relationship, a stable bond defined by a game of balancing and weights. Added to this is a material and chromatic contrast achieved through the use of marble along with ash wood, in stains available in the catalog.

Helvetica, designed by Park Associati
Helvetica is the first seating collection designed by Park Associati for Potocco. It is characterized by the perfect balance between geometric precision and organic shapes. Originally conceived for a contract project, the collection is designed to adapt to different environments and interior projects thanks to its small size and sophisticated contemporary design.

Helvetica, designed by Park Associati

“This collection arose from a need for expressive consistency and functionality related to an interior project we are working on. The final result bears the formal and material connotations related to the initial design concept while acquiring its autonomy and identity that has given rise to a larger collection of products,” says Michele Rossi, Founding Partner Park Association.

“The first piece in the Helvetica collection is a chair that arose from the relationship between geometric precision and organic curves. It embodies the coexisting teaching of the masters, graphic patterns, and pure rationalism,” says Marco Sorrentino, Product Design Director at Park Associati.

The Helvetica seat made of ash wood and metal is available in two variants: one with a curved solid wood backrest and the other with the addition of soft padding upholstered with the fabrics and leathers in the catalog. Some metal details, embodied in small plates connecting the different materials and elements of the seat, become a graphic and characterizing motif, an iconic sign of the link between function and aesthetics.

Add to the collection…

Double L Glaze, design by Chiara Andreatti
Potocco presents the Double L Glaze coffee tables designed by Chiara Andreatti: a colorful new variant made entirely of glass, available in three sizes.

Double L Glaze, design by Chiara Andreatti

Proposed in the colors Honey, Cherry, and Blueberry, the new version joins that proposed for outdoor use with a steel base and porcelain or stone top, and the one for indoor use with a metal base and marble top.

The Double L collection has a feminine, minimalist aesthetic, light but characterized by precious workmanship and refined details. Composed of two curves held together by two RAL-dyed metal tie rods, the base supports the round top while becoming a distinctive element of the design.

Jade, design by Hanne Willmann
Hanne Willmann’s Jade collection – consisting of a system of sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables – is enriched with the new armchair with armrests and the dining armchair, both featuring curved profiles and soft, organic shapes that recall nature.

Jade, design by Hanne Willmann

The armchair with armrests follows the family’s stylistic signature while maintaining its soft, sinuous lines. A round seat cushion and a semicircle cushion serving as a backrest ensure maximum comfort, creating a reassuring nest.

Thanks to its softly shaped, enveloping structure, the dining armchair is a versatile and elegant piece of furniture. Designed and studied in continuity with the collection, this product is the ideal complement to prominent dining room tables and elegant dining areas.

The expansion of the Jade family is the latest important step forward for Potocco in creating an increasingly complete proposal for the living setting, opening the door to different compositions thanks to the collection’s extreme modularity. Indeed, all the elements can be used individually or combined, creating ever-changing, fluid islands of comfort that adapt to spaces and situations, from the intimacy of the home up to large contract projects.

Minima, design by Mario Ferrarini
Designed by Mario Ferrarini, Minima is a collection of all-wood seating that has been especially enriched for the Salone del Mobile. Milano with a new chair with armrests and stool in two heights. Minima arose from the desire to create a family of cozy, sturdy chairs with fluid and energetic lines. The precise vision behind this chair comes to life in its unique details and rigorous profile.

Minima, design by Mario Ferrarini

The new seat with armrests has sinuous shapes echoing the lines of the collection: an ergonomic and sophisticated piece of furniture that can also be stacked thanks to the curved design of the metal armrests. In addition to the all-wood version, it has two variants with different seating. The first has a seat made of Vienna straw, evoking the appeal of a great furniture classic; the second padded variant emphasizes Potocco’s masterful woodworking skills and care in upholstering. Offered with and without armrests, the three types of seats can be made with a wide range of finishes available in the catalog.

The stool offered in two heights echoes the collection’s styles, adding a structural detail in burnished brass. Designed to meet the needs of contemporary living, the stool is perfect for more informal living situations and large contract projects in the restaurant and hotel industry.

Cut, design by Stephan Veit
The Cut collection designed by Stephan Veit is enriched with two new variants to meet evolving living trends: the indoor armchair and stool and the outdoor chair, armchair, stool, and bergère rocking chair.

Cut, design by Stephan Veit

Comfort and elegance meet in the design of the indoor armchair and stool, created to expand Potocco’s dining room offerings, and intended for more convivial spaces. Slender legs in embossed metal give the design an airy character, supporting the wide, hospitable shell seat entirely upholstered in fabric.

In its outdoor version, Cut complements the bergère chair and footstool with a new armchair, chair, and bergère rocking chair tracing the same essential profile. The collection takes shape from a steel rod frame that draws the harmonious and slender profiles of the legs and seat, with a hand-woven shell. The weaving workmanship – a symbol of Potocco’s historic know-how – embraces the soft contrasting seat cushion in all the seats, with the differences in color emphasizing the handcrafted artisanal details.

Ideal for relaxing outdoors, the new bergère rocking chair is the particular result of an original blend of materials and finishes achieved through the brand’s artisan expertise. The characteristic handmade knotted beige weave of the collection is combined with a white embossed painted metal frame. The Iroko wood slide completes the seat’s harmonious silhouette, allowing the classic rocking chair’s undulating motion.

Conceived with the idea of creating a series of enveloping but light and minimal seats, year after year Cut becomes an increasingly complete collection intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Graphic, design by Mario Ferrarini + Victor Vasilev
Designed by Mario Ferrarini and Victor Vasilev, Graphic was developed as an extension of the Keel seating collection, maintaining the same minimal and linear compositional code.

Graphic, design by Mario Ferrarini + Victor Vasilev

Originally including tables and coffee tables, the collection has been expanded with the introduction of an ambitious modular seating design: an indoor and outdoor sofa composed of upholstered elements and sofa side tables.

The project ties different materials together: ash wood, metal, and marble for indoors, and waterproof ash wood, metal, and natural stone, or porcelain stoneware for outdoors. With clean lines and rounded shapes that invite relaxation, the sofa is designed to offer exceptional comfort thanks to its deep, wide seats supported by an elegant slender frame.

The tables, bench, writing desk, and side tables already present in the collection are formed by a structure of geometric elements that are harmoniously paired with functional tops. The result is a collection characterized by absolute structural simplicity that ensures a perfect combination with the furniture in Potocco’s catalog.

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