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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 28 June 2024

Images courtesy of Paolo Castelli

Fenpei Outdoor, Kenya Outdoor, Haibu, U Outdoor 

At Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024, Paolo Castelli once again reaffirms his presence by presenting the Acquerello Outdoor Collection in a showcase that features both this year’s latest releases and iconic products.

Acquerello, the newest 2024 collection by Paolo Castelli is a true ode to the whispered dialogue between form and colour and to the pure freedom of expression. Outdoor furniture as well as lighting systems designed and conceived to trace an idea of beauty in a tale made of signs and objects, symbols, and simple rituals. Original and refined, the handcrafted soul of the furnishings undermines the modernist language, aimed almost exclusively at functionality, under an emotional and decorative aesthetic, thus inviting our mind to travel and to freely imagine an elsewhere place.

Presented by Som Santoso

“Watercolors represent ‘freshness’ to me. I think of their lightness and the essential presence of natural elements, with their aesthetic and chromatic potential. It is from these premises that the Acquerello collection was born, where each piece of furniture paints a picture suspended between ethereal elegance and a deep connection with nature. It shapes a space that goes beyond the concept of mere domestic refuge, transforming itself into a series of settings ready to be experienced and discovered.” – Paolo Castelli  –

So let’s explore the Acquerello Outdoor Collection!

Aesthetics blends with functionality, thus creating the perfect marriage of form and nature through a harmonious synthesis of “inside” and “outside”Fenpei Outdoor furnishes also outdoor spaces with fine workmanship and the boldness of a flexible system composed of modules that transform into soft, cozy islands of luxury. Each module is defined by an off-center seam that results in the splitting of the seat and backseats into two sections featuring contrasting colours, thus creating a colour play with a strong graphic impact. Seats and backrests merge into an easily modular solution consisting of soft elements, upholstered in differentiated-density polyurethane wrapped in a microfiber staple plumette and covered in water-repellent canvas, which alternates between the four seats and two backseat variants available. The counterweighted backseats can be positioned freely or anchored to the seats thanks to a functional and refined bamboo frog that sets the four backseats by hooking onto a leather lace placed on the seat. The metal base, featuring a matt Bronze Shadow epoxy finish, supports the overall volume, thus highlighting once again the incredible feeling of lightness. A balance that ensures maximum comfort and adapts to any environment, be it classic or contemporary, indoor or outdoor.


The Kenya Outdoor furniture family introduces a new stage for outdoor sharing. A proposal composed of a main table, side tables, and console featuring a strong architectural character, it represents a complete and versatile solution that furnishes with character living and dining spaces en plein air. The subtracted volumes defining the structure of each element combine with the rectangular table top, thus giving the collection an unusual appearance that pays homage to asymmetry. The textural encounter between its high-density polyurethane legs framed in stainless steel and covered with a mixture of travertine, and its top, made in White or Red travertine, characterizes each element through the imperfect beauty of natural stone. Irregularly textured surfaces define this dynamic solution, thus evoking natural and pristine landscapes with immediacy.


Cutting-edge technology and natural-flavored materials are the key elements that define Haibu, an innovative project featuring light, 3D printing, and the functional versatility of stoneware. For the first time used in the luxury furniture sector in this capacity, stoneware is shaped by an innovative 3D printing process, giving rise to outdoor lanterns that are welcomed in their warm and reassuring light. As the material is printed and dried, it spontaneously falls back on itself, thus creating a pattern of slits that allow gentle beams of light to escape. The refined design then blends with the intrinsic properties of the material in a durable lighting system that invites you to experience moments of relaxation in the open air. This suspension lamp is available in two versions, either more elongated and taper-shaped or lower and wider.


The U chair conquers new stages by presenting itself as an ideal support for compound relaxation even outdoors. Its comfort is defined by a seat with accentuated depth and a slight slope, under a simple yet sophisticated language. Its structure is light to the eye yet solid in function in painted steel with outdoor finishes, a support seat, and a backseat in EVA leatherette available in two colours, Brick and Cream. The perfect compositional synthesis of U Outdoor offers wide versatility in use, allowing any type of space to be revisited in a contemporary way.


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