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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 27 November 2023

Images courtesy of PAÑPURI

Candle lantern set, Perfume oil duo set, Sacred Santal body & hand set

PAÑPURI, a Thai luxury wellness lifestyle brand, is proud to introduce our much-anticipated gift collection for PAÑPURI Holidays 2024: Shape of Harmony. This exclusive collection is presented in an exquisite gift box adorned with a geometric pattern inspired by the intricate layout of pagodas, showcasing the graceful lines of Thai architecture. By seamlessly blending geometric shapes, the collection symbolizes the concept of harmony, both internally and externally. This holiday season, we invite you to immerse yourself in the art of living and discover true harmony from within.

This holiday-exclusive collection is brought to you under the Shape of Harmony concept, presenting the allure of geometric shapes in a fresh light. It seamlessly weaves together elements of Thai culture and architecture, infusing artistic lines that emphasize the symmetry of unique patterns, making them adaptable to various formats. Just as you seek harmony within yourself, these patterns on the gift boxes symbolize good wishes and positivity, encouraging you to discover harmony within yourself and with your loved ones.

The color palette of these patterns features bold and vibrant hues of green, red, and blue, evoking emotions of happiness, stability, and joy, inviting you to step into the new year with calm and contentment, embracing harmony within.

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Reflection of Harmony Candle Lantern Set
Indulge in a tranquil with the REFLECTION OF HARMONY Candle Lantern Set, featuring the delicate fragrance of PAÑPURI scented candles. Adorned with elegant candle lanterns that emit a soothing glow, these lanterns exhibit a mesmerizing peacock pattern, inviting you to savor their beauty within a serene ambiance they create.

Scent of Harmony Perfume Oil Duo Set
• ANDAMAN SAILS Perfume Oil 10 ml
SACRED SANTAL Perfume Oil 10 ml

Experience a novel approach to fragrance in the form of oil. Immerse yourself in PAÑPURI’s unique scents that awaken your senses, unveiling a renewed and invigorating lifestyle.

Mini Ornament Sacred Santal Body & Hand Set
SACRED SANTAL Antioxidant Milk Bath & Body Oil 50 ml
SACRED SANTAL Hand Cream 10 ml

Celebrate joyous moments with this warm and enveloping scent that invokes memories of smiles and festive hues. This exclusive set promises to bring happiness to you and your loved ones on a special occasion.

Discover PAÑPURI’s garden of gift treasures that allow you to share happiness and well-wishes with yourself and your cherished ones throughout this festive season. Choose your perfect gift from the PAÑPURI Holidays 2024: Shape of Harmony collection, available at all PAÑPURI boutiques and at

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