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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 10 March 2023

Images courtesy of Nodus

Mélancolie (Outdoor Rugs) by Sam Baron & Colomychus Chernobilis by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Pesta pekan desain bergengsi di Milan yang berlangsung bersamaan dengan Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 di bulan April 2023 menjadi ajang penting bagi jenama-jenama ternama untuk merilis koleksi terbaru. Tidak terkecuali bagi jenama Nodus dengan spesialisasi karpet premium. Jenama ini memperlihatkan 2 koleksi karpet terbaru untuk disimak sebelum pesta desain tersebut.

Pertama koleksi Mélancolie dirancang oleh Sam Baron. Koleksi karpet ini dirancang khusus untuk area outdoor, berbahan treated polyester dengan UV resistance. Tersedia dalam 2 ukuran yaitu 170 x 240 cm (Mélancolie Byron) dan 300 x 200 cm (Mélancolie Turner). Keduanya merupakan hasil hand-tufted diproduksi di India.

Mélancolie by Sam Baron

“My fascination with ivy comes from 18th century painting and literature, a golden moment of Romanticism and the exaltation of melancholy, especially in England. Ivy-covered ruins were a staple of the Romantic movement in landscape painting, for example in “Visitor to a Moonlit Churchyard” by Philip James de Loutherbourg (1790), “Tintern Abbey, West Front” by Joseph Mallord William Turner (1794) and “Netley Abbey” by Francis Towne (1809). For the paintings of Romanticism, ivy, due to its exceptional longevity, represented the ephemerality of human endeavours and the power of nature. In ancient Egypt, it symbolizes eternal life. In Druidic mythology, eternal love and fidelity…

For the same reason, in ancient Greece, it was part of the bridal crown. More prosaically, for the Romans was an antidote to poison (also against excessive drinking) and the Vikings used it to clarify beer…

But again, in the Middle Age, it was associated with chivalrous friendship and unbreakable bonds for life, having even the power to protect against spells.

Ivy is a mythical plant rich in powers and with a simple design, almost like infinitely repeatable modules/patterns, and with vibrations of various shades of green… On a carpet, it is therefore a perfect place to rest and think about that eternal human subject that is love!”, Sam Baron

Presented by Coulisse | INK

Visual koleksi kedua dirancang oleh Lanzavecchia + Wai Studio, koleksi Colomychus Chernobilis mengekspresikan rekaan mutasi genetik yang terjadi di hutan merah Chernobly (bekas bencana nuklir) pada serangga. Koleksi Colomychus adalah koleksi ke dua dari Lanzavecchia + Wai Studio setelah 10 tahun dengan koleksi Mutazioni 1.0 untuk Nodus.

Colomychus Chernobilis by Lanzavecchia + Wai Studio

Karpet Colomychus Chernobilis dirancang untuk indoor terbuat dari benang wool dan sutra bambu. Dibuat di Nepal dengan mengandalkan warisan teknik tradisi ratusan tahun yaitu hand-knotted. Dimensi menyesuaikan pesanan, dan pembeli akan mendapatkan sertifikat ‘Ethical’, keterangan diproduksi oleh penduduk setempat di Nepal.

“Our fear of nuclear energy is matched only by our growing dependence on it.

Inspired by the poetic scientific illustrations by Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, we have imagined for NODUS the Mutazioni (Mutations) carpets, which present the top-down view, like in an entomologist case, of real insects with imaginary mutations due to the radiations: the Amaurodes Chernobilis, the Tacua Fukushimae e, latest mutated insect, the Colomychus Chernobilis moth.

The background grid pattern, designed by Olivia Lee, faithfully replicates the “divine proportions” of the Golden Ratio, thus highlighting the asymmetries due to the mutations of the insect, which however still retains an imperfect, unmistakable beauty.Since in nature the mechanism of evolution rewards the usefully perfect,we are not given to know what the long-term effects of the mutations caused by man will be and we limit ourselves to observing them, astounded.

The refined artisan production of this precious carpet tells us a bittersweet story and attracts us with its threads of beauty, in a new edition of the “spot the differences” game,” Francesca Lanzavecchia & Hunn Wai

NODUS Showroom: Via Torino,21, Milano

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