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Nilufar Gallery: September 29th – December 31st, 2020


Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 20 November 2020

Text and images courtesy of Nilufar Gallery

The Future With New Creative Connections

Nina Yashar is pleased to announce the new exhibitions that interpret the spaces of Nilufar Gallery and Nilufar Depot.

via della Spiga 32
20121, Milan

Participants: Studio Nucleo, Special Project by Federica Perazzoli, New Contemporary Conversations by: Bethan Laura Wood, Martino Gamper and Massimiliano Locatelli

StudioNucleo – Primitive colors

Among the contemporary designers chosen by Nina Yashar as this year’s protagonists for the gallery, the common denominator lies in their precise, iconic, and strongly characteristic design aesthetics. These works demonstrate the perfect accord between the ever-changing poetics and philosophies of the designers and the pioneering vision of the gallery owner.

ground floor and via Senato space
Studio Nucleo

Studio Nucleo, a Turin-based collective of designers and artists led by Piergiorgio Robino, presents IT’S ALL ABOUT COLOUR an exhibition dedicated to the studio’s collections and new productions, celebrating their tenth year of collaboration with the gallery.
“Life, death, power, love, passion, racing, religions, union, dangers, etc.”

StudioNucleo – Primitive colors

Humans Life it’s all about colors.
Starting from color correlations, Nucleo exhibits six projects selected by Nina Yashar.

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“Goethe is convinced that perhaps the true creators of color are dyers more than artists. It may be
a reminder of the Encyclopaedia, where interest in the “social” techniques of the arts and crafts
was paramount. However, the main reason is another: dyers produce colors and pour them out into the world, which is like a forest in the hands of gardeners. Colors are not adjectives added to nouns but mean that men use to express themselves in the reality of the world. They are the dyers who perform the miracle of physically manufacturing color, materializing mental categories to give order, reason, and beauty to our Life environment. The technique or practice triggered by perception has logic, making the world knowable before it is known. In the world, they have colored, men live within their ideas. And there is no need to bring up the light, on the border between physical and metaphysical: «Divide the light!? Try in vain to divide what, despite you, is unique, and one remains».”
 “The color theory,” J.W. Goethe, introduced by Giulio Carlo Argan.

Studio Nucleo – Relief 2020

The exhibition will be an “IN FIERI” (Latin expression for in progress). The pieces will arrive monthly scheduled from July to November.

Primitive, initially presented at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, was Nilufar’s first project for the Salone del Mobile in 2010 would open the sequence again. Exhibited in many museums and galleries around the world, Primitive became the cornerstone of Nucleo’s design collections.
Realized for ten years in the signature shade of white, it appears this year for the first time in a full-color edition, enriched with a new chromatic range.

Nilufar Gallery – First Floor – credits Mattiaiotti

Color Lenses is the latest Nucleo project, would be the last.
An entire collection designed exclusively for Nilufar, including a bench, stools, floor lamps, and wall lighting, plays with transparency and multiplication of colors. Like lenses, focusing and refracting light through optical devices, the objects in this collection enchant with their changing reflections. The new series consists of several transparent volumes of polished resin. Each parallelepiped is colored using a new innovative technique that creates a polychromatic visual experience.

New shades also reimagine Presenze, the second collection presented by Nilufar. One vase from 2014 is recolored with an innovative “technique” that gives it new life; another piece, an unpublished console is made with resin cubes recycled from past editions and recolored with a new dark light.

Nilufar Gallery – First Floor – credits Mattiaiotti

The Cages bookcase, a unique 2014 piece made with an iron structure and framed in polished, patinated bronze, is in dialogue with the evolving project Left Over. These table sculptures, where the wooden tabletops become pictorial surfaces, were made in collaboration with the contemporary artist Hilario Isola in 2018 for the exhibition Innesti. Hilario Isola’s work focuses on the pictorial and chromatic potential of organic material, such as fruit. Beginning with Cages, the artist leaves leftover fruits and vegetables on the wooden surfaces to stain them with the expelled juices. Originally a metal structure allowing light to filter through, Cages evokes a simple spatial representation, almost immutable. While being permeated by light, the geometric module is involved in a life-cycle of organic decay that fills it with color.

In the direction of the first Left Over the piece, Nucleo designs an entirely new Left Over collection, continuing the studio’s artistic collaboration with Hilario Isola. Elegant geometric brass structures host carved alabaster stones, which provide a canvas for Isola’s organic color paintings.

Nilufar Gallery – First Floor – credits Mattiaiotti

In 2015 Nucleo presented Relief at Nilufar Depot: the sum of an artifact with its display. Since the display is visible as the artifact, it acquires the same value of the work that it exposes. The display becomes an installation, and joins the artifact, merging into a single work. The modular structures presented in the exhibition reveal themselves in bright colours. Nucleo presents a bench, a shelf, and one console: no more a simple display but an installation, that explains the artifact and enhances it.

via Senato space
special project by Federica Perazzoli

Nina Yashar has entrusted the development of this space to artist Federica Perazzoli, who presents Each time you fall in love, a new work inspired by the visual and aesthetic language of the East. The artist’s creation of a painting, 200x600cm, made exclusively for Nilufar Gallery, is the starting point for further departures. The work, printed on fabric and wallpaper, covers the new contemporary pieces of Studio Nucleo, in a dreamlike and hyper-decorative atmosphere.

Nilufar Gallery FirstFloor – credits Mattiaiotti

first floor
Bethan Laura Wood, Martino Gamper and Massimiliano Locatelli: new contemporary conversations

Plays of light and multicolored reflections, precious marbles and hand-blown glass define the contours of a large private lounge, where the new pieces of these contemporary designers are set in conversation with iconic furnishings by Gio Ponti, Augusto Bozzi, Carlo Pagani and Joaquim Tenreiro, in an eclectic and elegant atmosphere.

ground floor – Nilufar25 HERITAGE’ selection

A reference to the Nilufar Depot exhibition, which represents a journey through the gallery’s historical archive, to discover hidden treasures.

Nilufar Gallery – Senato- credits Mattiaiotti

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