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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 28 May 2024

Images courtesy of Nemo Lighting

Conceived a Sophisticated Installation

In the dynamic context of Milan Design Week, Nemo presents a new layout concept inside the MONFORTE SHOWROOM with a project by Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva of Studio dell’Uva Architetti and presents designs by Lina Bo Bardi, Álvaro Siza and Le Corbusier, enriching the catalogue with solutions that express new paradigms in the use of light in previously unexplored ways and places, such as the Sorrento collection by Valerio Sommella.

Studio dell’Uva Architetti conceived a sophisticated installation articulated in three distinct spaces, each distinguished by a unique aesthetic and design philosophy. Two of these spaces are a tribute to the famous architects Le Corbusier and Lina Bo Bardi, while the third is the result of the creativity of Studio Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva Architetti.

Each room is a tangible expression of the stylistic language and materials favoured by the respective architects: polychrome wood for Le Corbusier, formica as a versatile and refined chromatic element for Lina Bo Bardi, and hand-painted tiles by Francesco De Maio that recall the Mediterranean atmosphere so dear to Studio dell’Uva.

The path along these three rooms is an evocative journey through the epochs of architecture and design, a subtle narrative that not only celebrates the past, but also reveals the company’s deep sensitivity, the result of collaboration with the most illustrious masters in the field. An exploration that, rather than stopping at nostalgia, opens up to the promising prospect of the future.

An installation that aims to be both an exhibition of lighting products and an immersive experience that invites the visitor to reflect on the connections between creativity, heritage and innovation, and the influence these connections have in shaping the cultural and aesthetic fabric of contemporary design.

New designs will be showcased in the showroom, confirming the eclectic spirit of Nemo catalogue, which has always been characterised by a strong search for balance between tradition and innovation.

LBB01 by Lina Bo Bardi
For the Casa de Vidro, a symbolic project of Brazilian modernist architecture, Lina Bo Bardi designed in 1950. LBB01, a paradigm in the world of lighting. An essential and geometric design in which lines and volumes touch and intersect, in total continuity with the design style of the house in São Paulo. The telescopic stem and 360° adjustable diffusers in black painted aluminium allow direct and indirect lighting, while the interior finish is matt white.

LBB01 by Lina Bo Bardi

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LOROSAE TABLE by Álvaro Siza
Inspired by a trip by Álvaro Siza to East Timor, area of a Portuguese colony in East Asia known as Timor Loro Sae, Lorosae denotes the place where the sun rises. Through the translucent glass in different pure and brilliant finishes, Lorosae battery lamp is a rechargeable, battery-powered design that spreads a diffused light and expresses a direct connection to the country, its culture and geographical location.

LOROSAE TABLE by Álvaro Siza

SORRENTO by Valerio Sommella
Sorrento is a portable and rechargeable table lamp. An object that goes beyond the limits of perception, bringing the archetype of the candle holder into the present. A metal base supports three slender aluminium stems, the transparent methacrylate diffuser visually evokes the flame of a candle while emitting indirect light. Dimmable in three steps for an autonomy of up to 15 hours.

SORRENTO by Valerio Sommella

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