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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 12 April 2024

Images courtesy of Nemo Lighting

The Pure Colors of the Mediterranean

In the heart of Lisbon, within the confines of a quaint studio, history and innovation converged in a moment of creative synergy. Here Álvaro Siza dialogued with Federico Palazzari, CEO of Nemo Group. Their meeting was not just a confluence of visions but a celebration of a partnership that bridges the past and the future of design.

Nemo Lighting is thrilled to announce the inclusion in its catalogue of the Lorosae Lamp, a masterpiece originally conceived by Álvaro Siza for his solo exhibition at the iconic Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, Italy. Crafted in 1999, the Lorosae Lamp embodies timeless elegance and Siza‘s unparalleled aesthetic vision. The lamp’s translucent glass diffuser, available in an array of pure and brilliant finishes, captures the essence of light, transforming any space into a haven of warmth and color.

Available in three sizes and five new finishesjasmine white, ocean blue, Sorrento yellow, Sicilian orange, and rosemary green—the Lorosae offers versatility and style to suit every need and preference. The white inner part of the diffuser ensures that the natural color of light is preserved, casting a glow that is both soft and vibrant.

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Álvaro Siza, born on June 25, 1933, in Matosinhos, Portugal, is a towering figure in the world of architecture. A Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, his contributions have been recognized with the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture from the RIBA British in 2009 and the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2012. The Lorosae Lamp is a reflection of his vision that spans time and trends.

Lorosae is a piece of history, that has been carefully preserved in the archives of Reggiani. Today, its reintroduction marks a significant moment in the ongoing synergy between Nemo Lighting and its collective of brands within the Nemo Group. This collaboration underlines a shared commitment to innovation, quality, and the timeless beauty of design.

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