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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 15 April 2024

Images courtesy of Molteni&C

Landmark Collection (Sway, Boboli, Cobea, Fairmount) & Timeout Collection (Petalo, Picea)

The Molteni&C Outdoor 2024 Collection embodies Vincent Van Duysen‘s concept by artfully fusing private and public areas, as well as indoor and outdoor domains. It tells the story of what it’s like to live outside by fusing freedom with a close relationship to nature through finely built furniture made for hospitable areas that prioritize sustainability.

The new collection expands its offering while maintaining the exclusivity of Italian excellence, refined to perfection – a hallmark of Vincent van Duysen’s creative universe.

Reflecting on the success of the inaugural Molteni&C Outdoor collection, Vincent Van Duysen states, “Introducing new pieces with a distinctive identity and decorative touch adds another layer to our existing collection. We remain committed to the art of living cultivated since the inception of our outdoor journey.”

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The Outdoor Collection serves as the ultimate testing ground, where technical prowess and craftsmanship elevate the performance and natural textures of carefully selected materials, ensuring both technical and aesthetic excellence.

The art of living with balance and sophistication takes tangible form in an environment bathed in light and nature — a timeless embodiment of Molteni&C elegance.

Here is the Molteni&C Outdoor 2024 Collection :

SWAY by Yabu Pushelberg
The Sway, a modular outdoor sofa system consist of eleven modular parts that work together to create a symphony of forms and wavy lines. This contains two chaise lounges, two different-sized sofas (255 cm and 170 cm), a corner module for elaborate combinations, a central element, four side terminals, and a cozy island for total enjoyment.

BOBOLI (Armchair and Sofa) — Design Vincent Van Duysen
The iconic and innovative Boboli armchair by Vincent Van Duysen is characterized by light and airy lines, adapting seamlessly to outdoor environments. The Boboli family includes a two-seater sofa, a new important addition to the outdoor Collection, with an enveloping and welcoming design that complements the generous and sensual shapes of the armchair. Boboli features a solid teak wood frame and seat. The backrest features a handmade weave of polypropylene fiber ribbons in ecru, creating a natural effect and embodying superior craftsmanship.

Customizable seat and back cushioning in various fabrics and colors from the Molteni&C Outdoor Collection curated by Marta Ferri are integral part of the armchair and sofa.

COBEA (Outdoor Chair) by Vincent Van Duysen
Vincent Van Duysen’s Cobea chair seamlessly blends clean lines and delicate design. This adaptable chair, available with or without armrests, is made of genuine teak wood and emanates a natural look. The Cobea chair, expertly constructed, embodies the attributes of rarity and preciousness. The backrest, woven with polypropylene fiber ribbons, adds refinement with its silky texture, providing a tactile experience similar to cotton. The seat, made of solid teak slats with changeable cushioning, adds to the chair’s visual appeal.

FAIRMONT (Outdoor Table) by Vincent Van Duysen
Vincent Van Duysen designed the Fairmount table, which is precisely constructed from fine solid teak and embodies the essence of outdoor elegance. It is carefully created to elevate any social event with a blend of comfort and style, expertly translating the Landmark Collection’s material and emotional language.

The table is made of premium grade teak wood and is constructed to give an illusion of a floating tabletop using a light and clever system of thick teak boards arranged symmetrically. It comes in two variants – rectangular and round, with different base designs matching the outlined styles. The table requires low maintenance as teak wood contains natural oils and just needs regular oiling using the dedicated kit (Molteni&C). It pairs well with the Cobea chair.

PETALO (Armchair & Pouf) by Vincent Van Duysen
Petalo armchair embraces with gentle curves, forming a comfortable enclave beneath its delicately enveloping backrest. To support its abundant lightness, Petalo has a robust aluminum frame in a distinctive merlot red color, which was chosen for its recyclable metal properties and inherent lightness. This choice is consistent with the Molteni Group’s long-standing commitment to sustainability. The backrest, available in high and low versions, serves as a canvas for the intricate dance of polypropylene fiber ribbons. These ropes are colorfast and resistant to water and challenging climates.

The low backrest version comes with small, padding-free yet comfortable cushions. The high backrest version can be configured with a large spoke cushion that lines the frame’s perimeter, enhancing the level of comfort. For added creativity, the comfortable pouf provides an additional surface to complement the armchair.

PICEA (Coffee Table) by Vincent Van Duysen
Picea by Vincent Van Duysen crafted entirely in ceramic and has gracefully rounded lines and harmonious design. Named after the resilient Arctic evergreen spruce tree, it exudes durability as well as subtle grace. It is the perfect companion for moments spent in the open air.

Picea coffee tables work well as a duo or a cluster, in monochrome or in any combination of the three colors, ecru, anthracite and merlot red

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