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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 18 October 2023

Images courtesy of Maruni

A Completely Wooden Seat and Delicate Nuances Applied to Chairs and Tables

The EN collection from Maruni, created by Danish designer Cecilie Manz, is now enriched with a completely wooden seat version and new colors with subtle shades: Clay white, Rusty red, Dusty green and Black.

The first piece launched in this series, which made its debut last year at Salone del Mobile, was a chair with a soft-colored fabric upholstery. Cecilie Manz always had the desire to create a wooden seat version of the chair, because -as she explains- “a wood EN chair is kind of an archetype in the family of furniture. It needs to be there, it’s the ‘normal’ chair”.

The development of a wooden seat for the EN chair posed a challenge to the industrialization and Maruni worked to tackle the issues arising from warping and expansion or contraction resulting from the inherent properties of solid wood. The solution came from treating the back surface of the plank to minimize warping and expansion. The result is a great comfort and impressive finish. The wooden seat chair is available in all the new color shades.

The chair has a curved backrest that reminds of the ancient Greek klismos, and the legs are characterised by a loop frame, giving a sense of continuity and creating a balanced soft-sharp appearance. Great attention was given to the coziness of the chair: “With the EN chair, I focused on making a chair with good comfort, without it being too voluminous or taking up a lot of space. The back rest allows to rest arms on it. This detail makes it suitable for both dining and meeting situations where a relaxed atmosphere is wished”- says the designer.

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Cecile Manz also explains the design idea behind the new version of the EN chair in solid wood and in different colors: “Now we are including a solid wood seat version to the collection, in a natural finish as well as in colors: a strong Rusty red, a pale Dusty green, an almost-white Clay inspired tone and a Black. Rusty red is powerful spot of color. Deep rusty red inspired by nature’s own strong color, rust, and lacquer ware reds. The color can appear like and be used as red, orange, or brown – depending on the rest of the interior. Dusty green is a subtle hint of green, discrete, and not too loud.

Sometimes just a hint of color is enough. Clay white is a warm, almost-white tone inspired by raw materials such as porcelain clay. In a way, calmer and more neutral than white- white which often stands out too much in a room. Black is emphasizing the silhouette of the chair.

The new colors can be applied to both wooden-seat model as well as cushioned version of the chair.

According to Cecile Manz, colors are important just as texture, finish and wood type, as an object’s shape and appearance may change completely when changing the color. Colors have been the fundamental approach to EN series and for this reason have been applied also to the legs of EN tables. The round table in maple wood of the collection comes in two sizes and can be paired with EN chairs, providing a wider choice of combinations thanks to the new palette of shades.

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