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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 09 June 2023

Images and Text Courtesy of Maruni

EN by Cecilie Manz, Hiroshima by Naoto Fukasawa, Lightwood by Jasper Morrison

From 18th to 23rd April, Maruni presents the booth design realized by the art director Naoto Fukasawa at the 61st edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano.

We aimed for a concise and minimalistic space by eliminating unnecessary decorations. By arranging round tables in a simple space, the layout has a sense of visual rhythm and movement in terms of flow lines. The stage, which is laid out to separate the space from the aisle, highlights the beauty of each of the new products lined up on it.” Naoto Fukasawa.

Presented by Som Santoso

In a new location in Hall 4, the Japanese company that summarizes its identity in the motto “Industrialized Craftmanship” further enhances its collaborations with the three designers, presenting MARUNI COLLECTION 2023: a new version of the HIROSHIMA armchair by Naoto Fukasawa, made of ash wood; additions to the Lightwood series by Jasper Morrison including a brand-new desk and seat variation; T1 task chair also by Morrison that enriched T&O collection; wider choices for the EN chairs and table by Cecilie Manz, in a completely wooden version, and new subtle colors for both chairs and tables.


The concept is moreover highlighted inside Maruni booth, where round tables, from the designers, seem to invite guests to get together by settling down on the chairs that surround them. Along the booth layout, colors are starring among the new Maruni items on show. As an open showcase, visitors will be able to admire EN chair by Manz in solid wood seat and in colors, as well as the other new pieces by Fukasawa and Morrison.


With the collaboration which began last year with Cecilie Manz, variations of round tables are now available at Maruni. Tako round table by Fukasawa, and Manz’ EN table are on show, each unique in design and detail, yet able to combine form and function as well as cutting-edge industrial processes and skilled craftmanship of Maruni.


The space is also dedicated to the many variations of the latest collection. An open showcase will welcome visitors at the entrance of the booth, showing a variety of pieces from the MARUNI COLLECTION in different wood and colors.


Maruni’s iconic and almost classic HIROSHIMA armchair has a new variant made of ash wood, embracing the bold wood grain characteristics and charm of it.

The new desk included in the Lightwood collection, was designed in 2022 by Jasper Morrison for a hotel project in Japan. According to the company philosophy, whose products are suitable in a wide variety of settings, the desk now enters Maruni home furniture selection. The new paper cord version of Ligtwood chair is a perfect complement to the desk.

T&O series by Morrison also expands the family with an addition of T1 task chair: with a lifting ability and casters, it can bring a friendly atmosphere in any work space.

EN chair, part of the first series by Cecilie Manz designed for Maruni and presented during the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, discloses a total-wood variant and new colors. Rusty Red, Dusty Green, Clay White and Black: subtle matte colors whose evocative names suggest designer’s inspirations. The same palette of chairs colors can match the coloring of the legs of the EN round table.

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