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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 21 July 2023

Images courtesy of Mandalaki

The Koinè Family of Lamps – Expands with Koinè Wall and Koinè Cluster

Presented in coordination with Euroluce 2023, these line extensions conserve the design of the specially developed mineral lens, capable of emitting an overturned luminous cone, and of the diffusor, now offered in different sizes. The structure of Koinè Wall is composed of a slim stem attached to the wall to support the reflector. Koinè Cluster, on the other hand, permits installation of the suspension version on a multiple linear plate providing three points of descent. Technological innovation and versatility are the key factors of these new solutions, which make the big Koinè lamp family become a true lighting system.

“With the Koinè project in collaboration with Luceplan, we are creating a complete lighting system that represents the essence of our language, both in terms of the design of the object itself, and in terms of its luminous effect, responding to a wide range of needs in the private sector and in contract applications. What began in 2022 as an idea for a suspension in three different sizes has now evolved into a family of products expanding into different proportions, models and colors. Every model has been formulated to adapt to and implement various functions. We are excited about the fact that a company with an exceptional background in technical lighting design, like Luceplan, has been able to grasp, interpret and translate our vision of light in an industrial perspective. The result is comfortable luminosity, on a human scale, capable of triggering emotions.” Mandalaki

KOINÈ wall and new suspension version design Mandalaki Studio
The Koinè family of lamps designed by Mandalaki Studio for Luceplan continues to grow. The new entries (wall and suspension models, Ø 20 cm) offer even more flexible and versatile solutions, in line with the design and the technical lighting research behind the project. The new wall version with plug attachment has a structure composed of a slender stem (8 mm) that supports the reflector (diameter 20 cm), which contains the light source equipped with a mineral glass lens to project a large cone of light with clear, well-defined contours.

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A specific support makes it possible to anchor the stem to the wall. The on-off function of the lamp happens by simply touching the stem. The Koinè wall lamp is a very versatile solution, which can be utilized in various contexts: to add definition to architectural features in a corridor, or in the hospitality industry to light zones of passage, or to create a more intimate atmosphere in the lobby of a hotel. The product can also be installed as a reading lamp, beside a bed or an armchair.

The suspension version with a reflector measuring Ø 20 cm conserves the characteristic conical form. It can be installed as a single lighting point, or connected to a linear multiple plate with three descending points, each capable of hosting one luminous part.

Thanks to the possibility of grouping various plates that guarantee constant power supply and permit rotation of ± 90°, it is possible to distribute a large quantity of lighting points based on infinite geometric configurations. The attachment, creating designs on the ceiling and adapting to various installation requirements, thus becomes an integral part of the design of the lamp.

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