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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 18 January 2023

Text & images courtesy of S2H and Maison Numéro 20

The First Digital Immersion Hotel Experience By Oscar Lucien Ono

Welcoming 2023 with the first digital immersion hotel experience designed by Oscar Lucien Ono, founder of Maison Numéro 20in collaboration with Moment Factory and Tétris Design & Build.

The Grand Magic Hotel is the spirit of a palace revisited in a surreal, playful, contemporary aesthetic, a gentle allusion to the Grand Hotel BudapestThe interior designer Oscar Lucien Ono, founder of Maison Numéro 20, designed the lobby, reception area, and restaurant in collaboration with Moment Factory.

Oscar Lucien Ono

Presented by Melandas Indonesia

In shades of bold colors, the sleek aesthetic evokes Wes Anderson’s playful and melancholic spirit. A gentle disturbance of color, composition, and framing defines this cheerful hotel as a gentle cinematic journey.

The spaces in alcoves were reimagined by Oscar Lucien Ono using arches, lights, and vibrant colors in color blocking from red to blue. It’s a graphic universe with a carefully crafted aesthetic that promotes immersion in the decor.

The Grand Magic Hotel is a uniquely magical and immersive experience in a fantastic world of four acts at the border of reality and imagination. This extraordinary hotel can be transformed with the wave of a magic wand into a water palace, a French garden, an enchanted forest or a poetic stroll in the clouds.

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