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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 22 March 2024

Images courtesy of laCividina

APPER seating system by Antonio Rodriguez

The result of collaboration with renowned designer Antonio Rodriguez, laCividina presents APPER, a new collection of upholstered furniture that will be the star of the forthcoming Milan Design Week.

This new series represents the sixth chapter of a collaboration with the Spanish designer that has solid roots founded on mutual trust, seriousness, and the continuous search for perfection, values shared with the Friuli-based company.

“I know Cividina well, I fully recognize their dedication, reliability, and the qualitative excellence of their workmanship. This excellence manifests itself above all in their ability to skilfully interpret our renders and technical drawings. The idea is one thing, but the realization is another. Even when there are gaps or omissions in the technical details, their expertise is revealed in their ability to constantly enrich the product development process. Thanks to my concept and the very strong know-how in the upholstery world of laCividina, the Apper“.

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Well known for his ability to interpret and transform concepts into tangible forms, Antonio Rodriguez brings to light a unique interpretation of soft and organic aesthetics, through a collection with a bourgeois spirit, a taste reminiscent of the Ville Lumiere atmosphere of the inter-war years, capable of fusing forms with an organic afflatus with the most rigorous déco hints. The challenge of creating a distinctive product, able to stand out in a panorama full of complements with rounded shapes, was embraced with enthusiasm and resolution, through the “Less is more” approach.

“We wanted to work by subtraction, removing details without depriving the object of its soul. We wanted to find personality while working with super clean elements. Our goal was to create an object with a strong personality, without sacrificing the aesthetic simplicity and essentiality that characterize our work. The difficulty lay in finding the right balance between innovation and familiarity…,” says Antonio Rodriguez.

The new collection stands out for its ability to adapt to a wide range of contexts, from the home environment to public spaces such as hotels and clubs. Whether in a hotel lounge to chat and enjoy a short break, or in a living room at home to relax and watch TV, Apper is designed for different destinations and uses. This versatility is the result of careful design work that has involved the laCividina design team and craftsmen in the search for innovative and functional solutions.

“We wanted to create something unique, different, that had a great personality, but at the same time met contemporary trends, that could adapt to different situations without losing its identity», continues Rodriguez. «For example, a very important element, on which we have thought deeply is the armrest, the armrest does a lot at home, in public, for example, it could be a detail that disturbs conversation, it risks being a barrier at the level of communication, often in lobbies and waiting rooms there are other complements around that you have to make talk together, while in a residential context the armrest is an important element, a source of support and that encourages relaxation. This is why we thought of two different versions, with and without armrests!”

The stylistic signature of the collection is clear and easy to find: the back and armrest become one, embracing the seat, and the precious fabric completes the ensemble in perfect balance.

The new collection designed by Antonio Rodriguez for laCividina represents further confirmation of the company’s constant commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of interior design. Conceived to meet the needs of an elegant and sophisticated public, this new series presents itself as an opportunity to transform the spaces in which we live and work into places of timeless beauty and comfort.

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