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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 15 January 2024

Images courtesy of Kreoo

A Design That Comes from Marble

Unique veining and nuances, together with attention to thickness and ergonomics, express the Kreoo freestanding bathtub collections. Its design comes from marble, that is carved from a single block and crafted through the combination of industrial processes and manual procedures: mixed with wood and metal to define precious and customized objects in order to find a moment of personal well-being. The designers of these product lines are Matteo Nunziati with Hug, Alberto Apostoli with Pearl, Enzo Berti with Kora and Kalypso, and the style and research center of the brand with Venice: five solutions with their own unique aesthetic identity, capable of shaping the natural stone and bring it to its maximum expression.

The Hug tub

The Hug tub is a marble shell with soft shapes in which a walnut or eucalyptus wood shelf is integrated on the front. The shelves are shaped and punctuated by three vertical elements and allow to store accessories and towels ensuring maximum functionality, while the rounded inside and the gentle inclination of the sides provide the comfort of the tub.


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Pearl is also born from the combination of two materials, but also of two antithetical concepts: the collection designed by Alberto Apostoli recalls the motif of the oyster and its duality with the irregular exterior, reproduced with Olive Grey marble through a material processing that is handcrafted and never the same, and the smooth and clear interior, obtained using a resin with a mother-of-pearl finish. The Airpool system is added, with its pleasant micro hydro massage system dedicated to well-being.


Kalypso and Venice are instead produced entirely in marble, both customizable in a selection of seven different materials: the first draws inspiration from the neoclassical style, maintaining the harmonious profiles, but made more essential, with the slightly higher shape in correspondence of the back support. Venice is an elongated oval of extreme elegance, its progressively thinned marble delivers a streamlined and light edge and an encasement that enhances the texture of the natural stone.


A smooth basin also defines Kora: it appears like a monolith carved from a single block with an upper profile at variable heights which facilitates entry and creates a highly refined result. The tub is raised by a trestle with a gold, dark bronze or matte black finish, and appears to float on this slender metal structure in a stunning design.


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