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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 13 May 2024

Images courtesy of Kettal

The Concept of Fostering Dialogue Between Diverse Environments

The V Pavilion project is based on the idea of creating a dialogue between different environments: the interior and exterior of architecture. The gentle connection between people and the environment through constructive elements, a free floor, and the importance of light. The pavilion is designed to be subtly linked to the main building and the outdoor area at the same time.

V Pavilion is inspired by 1950s American modernism, which summarised a more industrial trend of thought based on new and innovative building technologies and Functionalism, emphasizing open-plan, multifunctional spaces that are flexible and easily adapted and modified for any lifestyle or environment.

The structure consists of aluminium porticoes every two metres down the long side that support cantilevered insulating canopy while providing modularity of construction. The side columns frame and filter the view of the garden. The open areas between the columns can be assembled with various facings: glass, louvres to adjust the light, curtains, solid stoneware panels, cupboards, cooker, fireplace… to furnish a space that is customised to the client’s specifications.

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Another notable feature of V Pavilion is the use of climate-sensitive technology. Its siting in natural settings reminds us of the need for eco-friendly design: durable materials with low CO2 emissions, solar panels to ensure energy self-sufficiency, a heat-insulating canopy and a 75% recycled aluminium structure that can be easily disassembled and reused elsewhere in a different environment. The bioclimatic ceiling provides overhead ventilation.

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