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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 19 June 2024

Images courtesy of Kettal

Designed for A Compact Living

We imagined that ideally a “Phonebooth” should simply be the door to a meeting room, nothing more. For this reason, we made the glass door the protagonist, and the space of the “Phonebooth” corresponds to the projection in space of this door. The result is that, if you look at it from the front, the volume is not perceived and it could be understood to be embedded against the wall. We sought the minimum expression to fulfil the function, with no other pretension than that.

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An important point is privacy. When the user is working inside one of these “Phonebooths” currently in existence, they could be having a meeting in a discreet place or it is just the opposite and they are exposed as if in a showcase. For this reason, we created small side walls, which in addition to fulfilling an important structural function, keep documents, the screen of any device, or even facial expressions private during conversation. These two elements create a certain privacy without losing the transparency of the object. We have also added a translucent curtain, which provides even more protection from prying eyes.

We have also worked on environmental and aesthetic aspects. We tried to flee from a cold space, to create a pleasant, warm atmosphere, closer to that of a meeting room or a room at home, rather than the coldness of an elevator car, as happens in many of these objects

Technology is an important factor. For Kettal, technology is not an end, but a means to facilitate use. Everything is electronically controlled: scene creation systems, table height adjustment, ventilation control, connectivity… everything is intentionally hidden. Even the interaction controls simulate the knobs on old Hi-Fi equipment. The reason is not nostalgic, but to emphasize that this cabin is a simple and pleasant space, where the main technology is provided by the user with his devices. However, a touchscreen control system is also available for more tech-savvy users.

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