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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 16 October 2023

Images courtesy of Italianbark

The Captivating Color Schemes For 2024: Iridescent & Gradients, Red & Pink, Pastels & Bold, High Contrast Color Schemes, Viridian & Petrol.

Elisabetta Rizzato, the creative force behind ITALIANBARK, recently attended the prestigious Maison&Objet tradeshow in Paris and Paris Design Week with her discerning eye for design and an unparalleled sense of color trends. During her visit, Elisabetta Rizzato shared her insights into the exciting color trends that will shape the world of interiors for 2024.

Elisabetta Rizzato

Paris, renowned as an everlasting source of inspiration for design enthusiasts, proved to be an ideal backdrop to explore the latest trends in colors and decor. In her latest blog post, Rizzato delves into the captivating color schemes and effects that caught her attention at Maison&Objet. She underscores prominent color trends for 2024:

1. Iridescent & Gradients: Observing the rising prevalence of dynamic color effects in interiors and design, Rizzato attributes this trend to the influence of the phygital macro trend and the introduction of innovative materials and color palettes. This shift is marked by a profusion of transparencies and vibrant glass, creating a striking departure from the subdued wabi-sabi aesthetic of preceding years.

Iridescent & Gradients

2. Red & Pink: Despite being an unconventional color combination, pairing red and pink was a recurring theme in Paris, showcasing its versatility when selected thoughtfully. This combination, when well-executed, exudes balance and charm.

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3. High Contrast Color Schemes: Pattern Factory by Elizabeth Leriche showcased exhibitions rich in colors and inspirations, particularly emphasizing high-contrast color schemes. Bold combinations like black and white, striking orange, blues, greens, and rich patterns pay homage to the vibrant hues of the late ’70s and ’80s.

High Contrast Color Schemes

4. Pastels & Bold: Rizzato highlights the return of pastel colors, which she had previously coined as “digital pastels” in her trend webinar. These softer colors are now paired with bolder shades, creating a dreamy and surrealist mood that retains playfulness while embracing subtlety.

Pastels & Bold

5. Viridian & Petrol: Rizzato‘s favorite from Paris Design Week and Maison&Objet was a color between green and teal, petrol blue-viridian. This elegant and refined color palette, reminiscent of the ocean, left a lasting impression and is expected to find its way into interior design trends for 2024.

Viridian & Petrol

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