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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 22 August 2023

Images and text courtesy of Pininfarina Architecture

Its Second Restaurant in Hong Kong

In the lively district of Lan Kwai Fong, heart of Hong Kong nightlife, IO Italian Omakase has just opened its doors as the second restaurant of the city designed by Pininfarina Architecture, and a new chapter of the collaboration between Pininfarina Architecture and The Italian Club, after the opening of the Seafood Wine Bar in nearby Soho.

For this new venue, which celebrates a culinary fusion between Japanese and Italian tradition, Pininfarina Architecture studied an intimate and refined design for a soft atmosphere, with essential lines and unexpected details: a multisensory experience in which the interior design becomes one with the high-level culinary experience.

Presented by Melandas Indonesia

When entering IO Italian Omakase, you leave the street’s hustle and bustle behind you to enter a suspended dimension. A sensation highlighted by the wise play of lights and shadows. The palette is dominated by blue with silver and coral accents, a white ink wallpaper and, above all, the composition of the false ceiling: small iridescent and reflective shapes, that seem to accompany the guest from one room to another and that recall the silverfish shoals of the Mediterranean.

This place is an invitation to forget time and to be surprised: the 10 seats are placed along the counter where you can admire the chefs preparing dishes inspired by the Japanese philosophy of omakase, which translated means “I leave it to you”. As a complement and accommodating up to five people, the private VIP Room Club 88 offers the experience of a traditional Japanese whisky bar in a contemporary and highly evocative setting.

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