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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 24 May 2024

Images courtesy of Illulian

Celebrating its 65th anniversary, Illulian presents the new luxury rug collection at Milano Design Week 2024.

For Milan Design Week 2024 and its 65th anniversary, Illulian, the renowned Milanese luxury rugs brand, presents the models resulting from its collaboration with prestigious names from the world of international design. These rugs not only furnish and create an intimate and cosy atmosphere, but they also tell a story. Keepers of the most ancient and traditional knitting techniques, they are carriers of high aesthetic value, of tactile and volumetric perception, but also of the thought from which the design is born. They explore the concept of signs and lines, play with colours and patterns, create visual fields, graphic patterns, depth, and movement. And then they immerse themselves in stories of tropical landscapes, architectural worlds, of nature to be explored.


Gem rugsis a series of three rugs whose concept is born from the combination of two stones of different shapes, through a design that highlights the sharpness of the cuts typical of crystals: the roundness of one element enhances the sharpness of the other and vice versa, in a kind of geometric game that radiates light.

Allain Gilles

Astratto takes up the artwork AKB_23_81 by Aurel K. Basedow, created using a mixed media technique incorporating photography, oil paints, resin, acrylic and spray paint. Abstract in name and form, it is a rug composed of four elements with irregular geometries that can be juxtaposed, composed, and then deconstructed according to personal taste.

Draga & Aurel

The famous Italian designer signs two rugs. Symi is the intersection, not only symbolic, of lines of colour that intersect and overlap, in a pictorial gesture that transforms the sign from manual to digital. In tatam, the simplicity of the Berber rug is revisited through contemporary decoration. The childlike stroke describes its shape and design, defining and delimiting its surface almost in a dreamlike way.

Ferruccio Laviani

Presented by Zipblind

The design duo of Mattia Biagi and Cardenio Petrucci present Orbis, a rug inspired by desert debris that symbolises rebirth after a storm, using bright colours and dynamic brushstrokes to celebrate the circle of life.


The purity of lines and minimalism typical of the designer’s work can be found in the two proposals developed for Illulian. Maru, ‘circle’ in Japanese, reproduces the perfect shape, cutting it into semicircles that create signs of universal beauty.

Naoto Fukusawa

A visionary creative with incredible facets, he combines different worlds that merge and mix in a succession of images, stories, lives. For Illulian, he transforms his famous Exotic Jungle pattern into a rug, a tropical jungle populated by exotic plants and animals.

Simone Guidarelli

Lines dominate the models created by the visionary Egyptian designer: the new Ki proposal expresses rashid’s love of abstraction and his interest in the digital age, while Ether and Info revisit a collection from a few years ago with new colours and shades.

Karim Rashid

Bold, dreamy, eclectic: in the soul of one of Italy’s most famous designers, the flavours and colours of the southern hemisphere combine with Western shapes and tastes. Elements that can also be found in stripe, the rug inspired by the ancient tradition of nomadic peoples who used to lay many rugs on top of each other inside tents.

Paola Navone

San-D with its original pattern designs the space, creating the optical illusion of several rugs on top of each other. The concept is emphasised using fringes placed on the edge and inside the rug to create a three-dimensional effect. Designer Henny van Nistelrooy has now redesigned San-D in a new colour scheme with light and natural tones, playing with shades of beige and sand.

Studio HVN

The reference to the world of architecture is immediate in Perspective, the model born from the prestigious collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). It is now proposed in three new versions with silver and earthy tones, in which the bold lines that are the protagonists of this carpet appear even more clearly, enhancing its vanishing points, while the slight variations in thickness accentuate its three-dimensionality.

Zaha Hadid Architects

The designer’s style is based on a graphic, colourful, and emotional vision, with decorative exaggerations and geometric shapes. Unexpected themes, colour combinations and materials give life to projects in which design is read in an ironic key and, conversely, play becomes design. A whimsical yet synthetic decoration through schematic and repeatable patterns. This is how the Laki rug was born, with a design inspired by futuristic geometries and contrasting colour palettes.

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