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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 28 March 2024

Images courtesy of Plaza Indonesia & Hunting Fields

A story of the feminine journey

Part of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024, Indonesian fashion label Hunting Fields demonstrated its latest collection that was not only stronger but also more sensible. Under the direction of Raiki Pasya as the Creative Director and founder of Hunting Fields, ‘A Sensible Dream’ , the title of the collection is a revival collection. It tells a story of the feminine journey, a dream at work.

Rewatch the finale of ‘A Sensible Dream’ here :

The collection is heavily inspired by dreamscapes, surrealism & the digital metaverse. Colours are derived from works of Monika Marchewka; which pastel paints deliver a somber reality behind her surrealist paintings. 

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Sheer and shimmery textures mimics the glassy rippled water surfaces, inspired by Marie Bang Esperson & Audrey Large; portraying a chaotic reflection. Distorted mirrors of reality where one struggle to see their own reflection. Silhouettes are inspired by Ai women in the digital metaverse world, dolled up and structured.

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