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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 14 June 2024

Images courtesy of Gervasoni

Eidos, Hashi, Kasane, Mediterraneo

Gervasoni confirms its participation at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2024, where both the Indoor and Outdoor 2024 novelties will be presented, and where Gervasoni will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ghost collection, the company’s most iconic, by expanding it with new products. The stand presents the most representative furniture of the brand together with the new proposals, designed to expand and shape the Gervasoni domestic universe, focused on the constant research of innovative solutions for tailor-made comfort.

BRISE – Design Federica Biasi

The new collections are presented through ‘Domus’ an installation designed by Concetta Giannangeli and created to recall the aesthetics of the ancient Roman Domus, the archetype of the courthouse, and inspired by the reconstruction of the Domus di Tito Macro realized by the Fondazione Aquileia. The exhibition space aims to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, in a continuous dialogue between the two areas. The stand is inspired by the Peristilium: a central court, dedicated to the Gervasoni Outdoor proposals.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

The Gervasoni stand presents the outdoor area and sees new furniture by Federica Biasi, Francesco Meda, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, and Nendo.

FLAIR – Design Gabriele e Oscar Burattii

Gervasoni Outdoor Collection
Eidos – design Gabriele e Oscar Buratti
Eidos, from the Greek ‘form’ is the new collection designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti composed of a dining table and chair with armrests. A term used since ancient times by philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle expresses the essence of the furnishings: essential, in appearance simple forms enriched by refined materials and processing. On the one hand, a proposal of rectangular dining tables in two sizes that combine geometric elements with different widths, covered with an unprecedented semi-gloss resin in three vibrant colors with a cloudy effect that gives an additional touch of character to the furnishings. On the other, a dining chair with armrests that exalt the purity of wood: made in teak, a natural color, is distinguished by horizontal cuts that run along the backrest and seat, creating a see-through effect that lightens the aesthetics and softens the shapes. These two different proposals are designed to create a harmonious combination.

Hashi – design Federica Biasi
Oriental and exotic inspirations give life to Hashi, a collection designed by Federica Biasi and composed of a modular sofa, and rocking chair and now enriched with a dining chair. Literally “chopsticks” in Japanese, Hashi starts from a system with a minimal and rigid structure that recalls the oriental instrument from which it takes its name, to create products characterized by encounters of different styles, flavors, and cultures, in a dynamic dialogue between two worlds. The particularity of Hashi lies in the use of Accardi’s Jacquard Outdoor technical fabric that envelops and wraps the iroko wood elements at the bottom and top, now available in two variants. A sustainable, light, and waterproof fabric carefully worked by artisan textile weavers, the Accardi Outdoor fabric creates a woven pattern that harmoniously matches the wooden structure with an irregular cross-section, highlighting one more time the reference to Japonism and the local craftsmanship tradition.

Kasane – design Nendo
The Kasane collection by Nendo, consisting of tables and poufs, is expanded with new versions: larger table dimensions and two new finishes, Giada and Pietra, are added to the family. “Overlapping” in Japanese, Kasane is born from a play of joints and juxtaposition of different elements, in which each product becomes a sculpture with soft, sinuous shapes. It is inspired by how cups, by being stacked one by one, gradually become taller. The collection is characterized by the rhythmic expression of the stacked edges and the material texture of the concrete that defines the soul of the product, designed to express the typical materiality of the earth and a pleasant tactile sensation.

Mediterraneo – design Francesco Meda
The ‘Mediterraneo’ collection by Francesco Meda is an elegant expression of living products that captures the essence of beauty in timeless furniture. Each piece is characterized by a Teak structure that is expertly treated to give an essential, simple, and extraordinarily natural touch. An apparent contrast between the strong solidity of the wood and the upholstery of the seats is revealed in a harmonious balance in which the teak sections of the backrest, curved and rounded at the height of the armrests, recall a pleasant hug that welcomes those who sit there. Francesco Meda’s distinctive signature emerges in every detail, blending the functionality with the aesthetics of wood. The small tables – versatile and transformable – become poufs thanks to the possibility of replacing the material top with a comfortable pillow.

Salone del Mobile
PAD. 9 Stand D11 – E12 – FieraMilano Rho
Showroom Gervasoni, Via Spartaco 34 Milano
10.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.

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