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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 06 April 2023

Images courtesy of Falmec

A Suction Solution Integrated Into The Hob

“Technology is invisible to the eye” in the new Brera by Falmec, a suction solution integrated into the hob that combines a beautifully simple shape with extraordinary performance. The design of the Brera model is an ode to minimalism and a concentrate of technology, in which the cooking areas and the motorised flap – which enables the suction of the fumes of the hood – combine to form a smooth, single element elegantly integrated into the kitchen worktop.

The configuration of Brera is conceived to offer a spacious cooking area and a versatile, uniform workspace featuring a monochrome glass ceramic element where the cooking area is teamed with the suction solution.

Clean lines, silent operation and energy efficiency (class A++) are the hallmark features of Brera, a single product with multiple functions whose name is a tribute to the renowned Milan design district.

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The suction area takes the form of a slender groove, with a glass flap at the back featuring a black steel frame that has a surface anti-scratch system. The flap opens automatically when the hob is in use, sucking away steam and cooking fumes, after which it closes and blends back into the hob. The Brera solution is both stylish and practical: the functional element, positioned at the back, allows for the full height of the kitchen unit to be used, while the smooth, uniform surface is extremely practical for cooking and easy to clean.

Brera is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, which is quieter than traditional motors, as well as touch slider controls, 9 cooking levels + Booster and 4 areas with double bridge, offering maximum versatility when pots of different sizes are being used.

The hood also offers new cooking functions, such as Keep Warm, which maintains heat constant so food can be served at the right temperature, or the Chef function, able to set different temperature levels for each cooking area.

Brera also comes in a filtering version, using Carbon.Zeo filters that are able to effectively absorb cooking odours and reduce residual humidity, thanks to the zeolite. The filters can easily be inserted from the top, facilitating maintenance and replacement.

Brera is available from May 2023.

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