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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 29 December 2022

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Especially For You All

Who doesn’t like being given something special, especially during the holiday season? We adore all things crunchy, salty, and sweet in beautiful packages during the festive season, which is why we hope these be gifted to us this year. This is a thoughtful treat for your family or something special for your friends!

S&C has selected 70 sweet treats for you and your loved one to share something special this holiday season!

SHANGRI-LA JAKARTA @shangrilahotels | KEMPI DELI @kempideli | MAISON J+NKRIS @maisonjenkris | PARIS BAGUETTE INDONESIA @parisbaguette_id | LU’MIERE @lumiere.pusat | MANDARIN ORIENTAL JAKARTA @mo_jakarta | UNION JAKARTA @unionjkt | PAUL INDONESIA @paulindonesiaofficial | VENCHI INDONESIA @venchi_id | UNION JAKARTA @unionjkt | PAND’OR @pandorcakes

BUTTERMAN CROISSANTERIE @buttermanjkt | BISTRO BELLE @bistrobelle.jkt | BONJOUR BAKERY INDONESIA @bonjourbakeryid | BEAU BAKERY @beaubakeryco | ALMOND TREE CAKES @almondtreecakes | BETH CRUMBS @bethcrumbs | DAPUR COKELAT @dapurcokelat | ANN’S BAKEHOUSE & CREAMERY @annsbakehouse | FLEUR DESSERTS @fleurdesserts | GEMBLONGKU @gemblongku

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WANDERLICIOUS BAKEHOUSE @wanderlicious.bakehouse | SUGAR FOLKS | SOPHIE AUTHENTIQUE @sophieauthentique | TIPSY CREAM | TOUS LE JOURS INDONESIA @touslesjoursid | TATA CAKERY @tatacakery | THE RR CHOCOLATE @therrchocolate | UWU BITES | TOMS BOMB COOKIES @tomsbombcookies | WILL BAKERY

RAACHIK INDONESIA | OATSPIRED @oatspired | SEVEN ANGELS @sevenangels.jkt | ODETTE CAKES & MORE | OMA ELLY | PREMIUM BÄCKER @premiumbacker | ROMANO GELATO | OLYMPIC BAKERY @olympicbakery | PATTIE BAKESTREAT @pattiebakestreat | OISHII JAPANESE BAKE @oishii_japanesebake

DOUX BATTER @doux.batter | C FOR CUPCAKES & COFFEE | CALLA CAKERY @callacakery | CH+LLA CAKE PARLOUR @chellacakeparlour | CASOLA BROWNIE @casola.brownie | FRANCIS ARTISAN BAKERY @francisartisanbakery | CHICORY PATISSERIE @chicorypatisserie | CAKESTIAL | ERIC KAYSER INDONESIA @erickayserid | GORGE BAKEHOUSE @gorge_id

LADY LA BOULANGERE @lady.laboulangere | LE PETITESSERIE BY ABIGAIL NATALIA S @le.petitesserie | LEMONDISCOFISH @lemondiscofish | KUDEKA | KUEMAMI_ID @kuemami_id | KUKKI NO KI @kukkinoki | IS CREAM AND CO @iscreamandco | KREAM AND KREAMERY @kreamandkreamery | JIA TO GO @jiatogo | GRAM PANCAKES

MILK ‘N BROWNIES @milknbrownies | MAMITOKO @mamitoko_store | MOONCAKE ANG HUAT @anghuat_kembangjaya | 𝗥𝗢𝗧𝗜 𝗥𝗢𝗠𝗜 𝗥𝗼𝘁𝗶 𝗠𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗶 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗵 | BENEDICT BY THE UNION GROUP @benedictjakarta | AUGURI CAKE STUDIO | MAMA SWAN RECIPE @mamaswanrecipe | THE BRONBATTER @the.bronbatter | MIHIMIHI INDONESIA | MONAMI BAKERY @monami_bakery

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