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davide groppi UNVEILS NOVELTIES 2023


Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 08 May 2023

Images courtesy of davide grouppi

At Milano Design Week 2023

EUROLUCE, Fiera Milano Rho
Hall 13 Stand 122
18  –  23 April | H. 9.30 am –  6.30 pm

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2023, from April 18 to 23, we invite you to discover our Novelties 2023, a presentation of works characterized by purity, sparkles, transparencies and irony, at Euroluce, hall 13 stand 122.

“When I create or select a new lamp, I cannot help thinking about where I will use it, how I will use it, and above all, why. All my lamps, even the new ones, are part of a concrete, design dimension. I like to think of them as small and very simple inventions that thrill and surprise. And each time, the aim of my research is to demonstrate something new, never seen before. These are the sentiments I used to create and select a new collection of lamps.” Davide Groppi

The space in Euroluce is born to represent the thoughts that have accompanied us over the last few years. The place of memory, of our classic pieces, of light that caresses and welcomes. The place of technique and graphics, the expression of our experience. And finally, the place of experimentation. The new, made of purity, sparkles, transparencies and irony. Three place s in one, a continuous relationship of space and light.

Design Davide Groppi
The projected reduction of Infinito. The evocation of a black hole from which not even light escapes. Asintoto is, instead, a place in which light is able to escape, pervading the space with wonder and spaciousness. Abstraction, purity, graphic sign. Switched off, the disc appears enigmatic, the symbolic presence of the absence of light

Design Davide Groppi
A white disc, the perfect representation of diffused light. Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, with modular brightness.

Design Davide Groppi
is a project on the limit state of light, the research for the minimum dimension necessary for pure and essential lighting. It represents full flexibility, in both its design and its light control. The light strip reaches into space, bending, breaking and drawing abstract, mysterious patterns.

Design Davide Groppi
A minimal track system with tiny lights, small hummingbirds that perch where needed.

Design Maurici Ginés
We started with the darkness to reveal the light in its purest and most innocent manifestation. A small black dot reveals its function only when necessary. For us the secret of light lies not in its shape, or in some technical virtuosity, but in the choice and assumption of a method, the method of amazement and memory.

Design Maurici Ginés
Night has always been a source of inspiration. We walk, and we are not alone. Nuit is a small travel companion that draws our night time journeys.

Design Davide Groppi
I have always been thrilled by bare, abandoned lamps. On the walls of mountain huts, in the countryside of my plain. Unfinished works, lamps still to be decided, ephemeral thoughts that become poetry.

Presented by Zipblind

Design Davide Groppi
The purity of the suspended cone encases a small light machine that produces direct, indirect and diffused light at the same time. Above the table, Sottosopra: pure, elegant, wonderfully efficient.

Design Davide Groppi
A blade of light just 6 millimetres thick, the expression of that purest and most essential part of our thought. The surprise of an extremely thin, yet at the same time very bright, lamp, an element of a rational, functional project.

Design Michele Groppi
We have always liked to think heretically, evoking mystery, magic and seduction. In this case, the lens is not used to focus, but to modify the vision and perception of the object. The effect of the convex lens conceals the part of the light beam and produces the lightest effect of suspension and inconsistency. Light and transparency are the true stars of this project.

Vis à Vis
Design Michele Groppi
Ten years after the presentation of our first battery – operated lamp, we wanted to add a new idea of wireless light, remaining unique and innovative. Once again, we decided to take away, seeking only the light. A transparent lamp was born, truth and beauty.

Post Prandium
Design Davide Groppi
A project from many years ago, today in a new wireless version. The love for the ready –  made sometimes resurfaces, to satisfy my profound desire for designing as little as possible, taking what exists already.

Louis XIV (memory of a chandelier)
Design Davide Groppi
From the classic crystal chandelier, we saved the drops, those large, sparkling drops hanging in the air. A small light machine, with direct and indirect light, multiplies the glass reflections to create a wonderful effect of magnificence, the contemporary transposition of Versailles.

Just like a light (undeclared homage)
Design Davide Groppi
Five crocodiles compete for the light. Sometimes I have to let my imagination run without thinking if people will like the lamp or if it will create light, in a free, creative exercise where the compositional and functional aspects become secondary. This is my way of discovering new forms of expression, which lead to pleasant surprises, unexpected discoveries, nostalgic memories. Just like a light, a homage to an eternal point of reference.

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