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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 20 June 2024

Images courtesy of Citco

Ron Arad, Estudio Campana, Zaha Hadid, Arik Levy, Vian Rasool, Urbs ROMA, Saman Zahawi

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile.Milano last April 2024, Citco presents ‘Stone Resilience’ showing extraordinarily unique pieces that are marrying form, functionality and beauty.

This year collection as a result of its collaboration with renowned designers such as Ron Arad, Estudio Campana, Zaha Hadid, Arik Levy, Vian Rasool, Urbs ROMA, Saman Zahawi. Each new product shows a different way of interpreting the material, making it seem light, versatile and easy to shape. All inspiringly extraordinary patterns on the natural stones evoke a powerful emotional impact

ARCA by Studio Campana
The “Arca” bathtub concept is rooted in the idea of the collective, in the sense of mutual respect and coexistence among people from different walks of life, points of view, beliefs, cultures, or origins. Like Noah’s Ark story, where the imminence of a flood prompted action for the species’ survival, this piece proposes the same principle, with affection and respect for diversity in search of a more harmonious life. “What I like about Arca is that it shifts the meaning we give to plush toys into something deeper. It gives the marble warmth from their affective nature and conveys the spirit of peaceful coexistence, where all the differences are welcome.” HUMBERTO CAMPANA.

ARCA by Studio Campana

The big easy always volunteered to be tried on new ideas new technology new materials here’s the latest one. A pile of rocks bound together by clear resin milled by a 5 axis cnc milling machine as 1 piece.


“Ghorba” – “Strangeness”, is a captivating piece of art that delves into the profound sense of longing and nostalgia for what is lost, whether it be a distant homeland or a beloved individual. Through its uniquely crafted depiction of the word, this artwork encapsulates the essence of yearning, evoking emotions of melancholy and wistfulness as it beckons one to reflect on the journey of displacement and the yearning to return to a place or a time that once was.


In an ethereal flow of ink, the word “Ya Rabb” – “My GOD” emerge with a grace unmatched, ascending skyward on parallel lines that beckon towards the heavens. Each stroke, a whispered prayer, each curve, a plea for divine intervention. The fluidity of the artwork mirrors the fluidity of faith, flowing effortlessly from earthly realms to celestial heights. It is a masterpiece of spiritual yearning, where the soul’s longing finds expression in the elegant ascent of each meticulously drawn line.

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In the realm of artistic expression, “ناسنإ” – “A Human” picture a strokes dance with eloquence and elegance, each line is a testament to the grace and fluidity of existence. This artwork breathes with life, as if the word itself pulses with the heartbeat of humanity.

In the heart of a marble wall, art awakens. Echoe, a sophisticated and futuristic work, dances between shadows and light, capturing the very essence of time and ancient techniques. Waves and ribbons, woven like threads of intricate destiny, follow one another in an endless rhythm. Shades of grey merge, creating a play of contrasts and depth. Symmetry governs every detail: every diamond, every stripe, perfectly aligned. The light dances on the almost liquid surface, and the different depths reveal the beauty of an open spot. Every engraving, every milling, tells a story of craftsmanship and passion. And the marble, rolled and worked to different depths, creates reflections on the surface. Here, the marble emerges, with its unique veining and colours. A dialogue between materials, an embrace between past and future.


A work of marble, an enigma of light and shadow. Lumina is a polygonal floor, a tessellation that dances like the geometries of a labyrinth. Its fragments, from grey to white, merge like stars in a night sky. Their arrangement is not random; it is a ritual of symmetries and contrasts. Each step is a passage into the unknown, a luminous path leading the visitor to the heart of the exhibition. Lumina: an ode to resilience, an invitation to contemplation, a search for hidden meanings.

A name that evokes calm and beauty, a work of art that captures the soul and imagination. Zanze- phyr is the fusion of two distinct elements, a mirror and a bed, both carved from the finest marble. The Mirror is an elongated diamond, its black marble surface criss-crossed with veins of rose gold, like threads of li- ght weaving across the stone. The motif is reminiscent of the ‘open stain’, an ancient and mysterious art. The Bed is a marble sculpture, a functional work of art. Black and white intertwine, golden veins create an interplay of delicacy. Layers of marble overlap, creating depth and movement. The warmth of the materials is combined with metallic accents, creating an elegant and luxurious contrast. In both elements, the marble seems to liquefy, harmonising the two pieces into a single composition.

RADIANCE is an object that captures the essence of elegance: a brazier that combines the strength of stone with the delicacy of flame. Its light envelops spaces, creating an atmosphere of warmth and refinement. Its marble body, solid and almost classical, is reminiscent of a pedestal carved by ancient masters. Like an altar, the marble holds a luminous, dancing flame. Its top, suspended above the ground, seems to float in the air. The simplicity of its design conceals a wealth of detail: every vein in the marble tells a thousand-year-old story, every engraving on the surface stands out in the warm light.


In the silence of an elegant lobby, Zenith emerges as a work of balance and harmony. Inspired by the ancient art of Stone Balancing, this sophisticated desk is a dialogue between the power of nature and the sophistication of modern design. The shape of the desk is simple, with soft curves that invite the touch. These curves evoke the fluidity of nature, while the solid rock structure emphasises stability and durability.

Zenith embodies minimalism in form, yet its materiality is rich and luxurious. The polished rocks and careful details are a tribute to the beauty of nature; the composed and balanced structure represents the essence of modern design. In Zenith, time stands still, and every moment becomes an opportunity to contemplate the balance between strength and delicacy. This desk is more than just a piece of furniture; it is an invitation to find peace and beauty in the essential.

SPLASH BIG (2016) by Arik Levy
“The beauty of the world in which we live lies in the transition of the natural elements around us, their unexpected formation in different phases. Marble is an incredible material that has been in use throughout our history. The tools and experience we now have permit us to go one step further with the presence of the material and the emotional values it can project. CITCO is a perfect partner for this experiment of turning marble into ‘liquid’ once again. My idea is to make marble look and feel flexible and fluid, create the sensation that it is melting before our very eyes, or constantly changing. Like the waves of the ocean splashing over rocks, my marble Splash evokes this moment of dynamic movement and elasticity. The perfection of the making, the intelligence of the operator and his machine as well as the eye, emotions, attention to details and the perfectly crafted finish, bring together the idea and the making in a single, unified experience.”

SPLASH BIG (2016) by Arik Levy

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