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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 28 June 2024

Images courtesy of Bufalini

Made from leftover marbles

Bufalini, a Italian company active in marble processing, presents Sesto and Altari, a project curated by Paolo Ulian, a designer known for his experimental and conceptual approach to design.



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The Sesto collection comprises a dining table and a set of coffee tables defined by a hexagonal shape. Made from 2 cm marble slabs, the project is characterized by a symbiotic relationship between the various production phases and contemplates the complete utilization of the material being processed with a view to minimizing waste. The coffee tables are made from the leftover elements generated by the production of the dining table legs, thus enabling the production of the complete series without residual waste. Moreover, the possibility to combine different types of marble offers the freedom to create unique and customized projects within each production batch. Not only does Sesto stand out for the uniqueness of its design, but its hexagonal shape also enables multiple coffee tables to be positioned side by side to create a larger flat rest surface of greater complexity and versatility.


Altari stands as a functional artwork celebrating the intrinsic value of food thanks to the use of marble cylinders of different types and sizes. The project confers complete compositional freedom, and each element is designed to support a single fruit, thereby transforming the simple gesture of displaying food into a ritual of sacrality and veneration. The origin of the marble cylinders is particularly significant: the firm uses residual elements left over from the core drilling processes involved in the production of washbasins, marble vases and other manufacts. A solution which not only confers a unique character to each component of Altari but also underlines the need to reconsider the value of everyday objects.


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