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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 04 December 2023

Images courtesy of B&B Italia

Italian-Based Furniture Icon To Bring Contemporary Designs to Georgetown’s Design District in Cady’s Alley

B&B Italia, internationally renowned Italian Group leader in the high-end designer furniture sector, announced today it will bring its iconic, innovative, timeless furniture to its first Washington, DC, showroom in Georgetown at 3330 M St NW in late Fall 2023.

The Italian-based, high-end designer furniture group known for its influence and contributions to design culture and history of Italian design worldwide, opens a 12,809-square-foot space, marking its fifth brick and mortar location in the U.S. Founded in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia is a world renowned, premier luxury design furniture company, with an eye towards contemporary lifestyle and trends. With an international presence in North America, Europe and Asia, D.C. designer lovers will be able to experience B&B Italia’s designs from its four brands: B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, and Arclinea.

“We are excited about the evolution and development that B&B Italia’s new Flagship will bring to Georgetown. The most unique part about the design of the store at B&B Italia Georgetown is the elegance of the space designed by B&B Italia Design team with B&B Italia’s Creative Director, Piero Lissoni. Lissoni’s designs create a very contemporary interior space which provides a striking juxtaposition and contrast with the exterior brownstone building that we chose to make our Flagship,” said Francesco Farina, CEO of B&B Italia North America.

The store, which spans three floors, will offer full-home and contract design services ranging from living, dining and night areas furniture to Arclinea kitchens, as well as furniture for the outdoor spaces and by Flos and Louis Poulsen iconic lighting brands. Visitors will be immersed into a re-imagined retail space as part of the brand’s 360° project that incorporates everything from windows to the graphics and building’s architecture. B&B Italia Georgetown will incorporate different materials and bright accent walls to compliment the contemporary designs.

“The new retail identity is a 360° project that goes from the design of the spaces to the layout of the windows and the definition of the graphics, where the architectural language will adapt to the different places by re-proportioning their scale according to the context and the pre-existences. The spaces are modulated by metal structures which, like large frames, combine different materials (ceramics, cementitious materials, metal grids, wood) in an infinite number of possibilities; some bright walls dialogue with the contemporary environments that distinguish the language of B&B Italia,” says B&B Italia’s Artistic Director, Piero Lissoni.

B&B Italia will display creations from the newest 2023 collection, as well as iconic pieces, such as the Camaleonda sofa and Le Bambole by Mario Bellini, Serie UP armchair by Gaetano Pesce ,and Tobi-Ishi table by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, which radically mark the history of design. A wide selection of products with unique style and elegance. products for both indoor and outdoor living will enhance the store space.

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For the first time, Maxalto, the group brand featuring the “modern classic” spirit in its collections, has its own ground floor entrance in Cady’s Alley, the ideal space to immerse yourself in the timeless lifestyle interiors designed by Antonio Citterio and appreciate the genuine luxury of these sophisticated creations.

Azucena, the iconic brand interpreting modern Italian design since 1947, will of course be discreetly yet instantly recognizable throughout the showroom with its modern classic pieces designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

“Between the small canal to the south and the main road to the north where the B&B Italia store faces, the new Maxalto store in Georgetown opens its window on a small street with a very welcoming atmosphere. This unique and secluded street has a very personal meaning to me –  I still remember strolling through the many shops years ago while visiting Georgetown where my son was at university,” said Antonio Citterio, Sole Designer for Maxalto, Artistic Director for Maxalto, Azucena and Arclinea.

The Arclinea space within the B&B Italia flagship store features a showcase of two refined kitchen designs, including Convivium and Thea, which brings Arclinea’s philosophy of fusing conviviality and design to light. Elevated by bronze PVD and vintage stainless steel, the Convivium kitchen is the impressive centrepiece of the space. In the window, Thea in black PVD fuses with the timelessness of the kitchen to create an atmosphere of sophistication and modernity.

The new Flagship location, in Cady’s Alley, as nues to be a destination for top local, national and world-renowned designers and architects, as well as design enthusiasts. The spaces are created with the aim of setting up a dialogue with Washington DC, working in harmony with the spirit of the place and local dynamics.

Washington DC Store represents the first important opening for the group in the US market in 2023. Starting from late Autumn, the Italian Group will inaugurate five stores in the main cities of the US, with forthcoming openingsin Miami, New York City and Boston in order to consolidate its presence in an important reference market.

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