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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 26 October 2023

Images and text courtesy of Andrés Reisinger

Raising Awareness for the Preservation of Mexico’s Marine Ecosystem

Innovative alliance kicks off at the July 15th opening of Unik Rooftop and further reinforces the new resort’s commitment to purpose-driven travel experiences.

Digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger is delighted to present “Impression, Sunrise,” a new exhibition focused on raising awareness about the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem, staged at the recently announced Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets, the newest resort to join the Inclusive Collection, part of World of Hyatt. The new collaboration expands the resort’s purpose-driven ethos, strengthening its existing relationship with the Saving Our Sharks Foundation (SOS) with the integration of purposeful art that illuminates the collective dedications of all involved collaborators in striving to aid the local ecological system, by raising awareness on its endangerment.

Unveiled during the official opening of the luxury resort’s Unik Rooftop on July 15, “Impression, Sunrise” showcases a curated collection of Reisinger’s iconic digital artworks, harmonizing with the breathtaking ocean vistas from the stylish rooftop terrace.

Aligned with the resort’s committed efforts toward sustainability, Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets serves as the headquarters for SOS and donates a portion of the profits of bookings to SOS. Since the resort’s opening in May, both organizations have been working closely together to educate locals and guests on responsible fishing and the role humans have in preserving and protecting the local environment and marine life.

Presented by Interni Cipta Selaras

The collaboration with pioneering artist Reisinger bolsters the resort’s commitment as a purpose-driven establishment. As a new ambassador for Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets, the Argentinian artist shares the same values surrounding ocean conservation and marine life, demonstrating that art can be implemented for higher purposes, aiding the conservation of the ecosystem and species that inhabit it. This project showcases the power of artists and organizations collaborating to raise awareness on crucial matters, fostering greater consciousness.

I feel immensely proud to be a part of this collaboration with Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets and Saving Our Sharks Foundation. It truly brings to life what my dear friend Ximena Caminos frequently professes: ‘Art as a tool for change’, states Reisinger.

More than an exhibition, Reisinger has curated an experience that at once speaks with and about Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets. The digital artworks, including Arcadia, An Essay About Meeting My Daughter, Pollen Clusia and The Wither showcased on LED Wall Screens, are staged on the breathtaking Unik Rooftop at Impressions Isla Mujeres by Secrets. The panoramic views of the ocean and the gently mesmerizing artworks invite visitors to reflect on splendid surroundings.

The title of the exhibition, “Impression, Sunrise”, has particular meaning to Reisinger: “It comes from a painting by Claude Monet. At first, some did not appreciate this new style because they thought it looked sketch-like or unfinished. But I think this project feels a lot like that style, and that’s a cool thing. I sense that this exhibition has been curated in a distinctly impressionistic manner, which is something unique and worth embracing. Any experience that brings me a step closer to elevating the consciousness of the world to higher dimensions, and to truly resonate with the sentiment that we are the world, not merely a part of it, is truly special” states the artist.

For more information about Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets and to see “Impression, Sunrise”, please click here.

Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets
009, Manzana 055, 77400 Quintana Roo, Q.R., Mexico
July 15th – July 20th, 2023
UNIK Rooftop Opening Hours: 11AM – 12PM

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