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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 05 July 2023

Images courtesy of antoniolupi

A New Furniture Collection For Every Room In The House

A new chapter begins for antoniolupi. During the Salone del Mobile 2023, the leading bathroom company presents a collection of furniture designed for all rooms in the home: atelier_antoniolupi. A project created to interpret the profound changes in lifestyles. New habits that are having a strong impact on the way spaces are inhabited, making the boundaries of the home increasingly fluid.

ATELIER_antoniolupi FOX sideboard

If in the past the bathroom was considered a utility room, well separated from the rest of the house, today sinks and bathtubs often find their place in the bedroom in hotels as well as in private residences. Hence the idea of offering a complete collection for the home. To enable designers to design interiors under the banner of an elegant and refined total look, in which each room can dialogue harmoniously with the others.

ATELIER_antoniolupi OLIVER sofa

A Revolution For The Entire Bathroom Sector
In recent years there has been a strong urge for design, and there are more and more complete interior designs of the entire living environment. This assumption has stimulated the Tuscan company to take the substantial step of expanding its product range, thus offering consumers, who are increasingly demanding, a complete and coordinated project. In both the bathroom and living sectors, antoniolupi represents a top brand in terms of production and service.

ATELIER_antoniolupi NEVERLAND sofa

With its usual ability to break the mold and anticipate trends, antoniolupi not only begins a new chapter for the Tuscan company. atelier_antoniolupi initiates a real revolution in the entire bathroom furniture sector, as Andrea Lupi, the company’s CEO and art director, tells us.

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ATELIER_antoniolupi NEVERLAND sofa

“For many years I had the idea of creating a line of elements dedicated to the home, but we were too dependent on the market and its demands,” says Andrea Lupi. “Today antoniolupi is a leading and strong company, with this awareness we have embarked on a new path. This change of course reminds me of when in 1995 I decided to create the first design collection in the world of bathroom furniture, completely turning the sector upside down. Today I face this project with the strong awareness of an entrepreneur who has been working on the front lines for more than 40 years.”

ATELIER_antoniolupi NEVERLAND sofa

For the atelier_antoniolupi project, Andrea Lupi chose, as traveling companions to face this new challenge, designers with whom the company has been collaborating for many years. Carlo Colombo and Gumdesign were called to interpret the essential style of the brand in the new collection under the banner of an elegant and refined total look.

ATELIER_antoniolupi FOX sideboard 

When Andrea asked me to think of a real collection for the home, I immediately accepted this challenge because usually you see the reverse process: the living room or the bedroom entering the bathroom, while here the opposite happens.” – says Carlo Colombo – “The result is a family of products, a dozen in all, consistent with the company’s philosophy. The fil rouge that distinguishes them all is color, which has always been a key protagonist for the brand, these products have the ability to become almost hybrid objects that adapt to different spaces in the home”.

ATELIER_antoniolupi SOFI bed  

“A visual thought in transformation and evolution. Living itineraries. –  Gabriele Pardi and Laura Fiaschi of Gumdesign describe the atelier_antoniolupi collection this way –  Free visions generating places and spaces. Suspended geometries flow in the daily life of the antoniolupi atelier.”

ATELIER_antoniolupi TEOREMA sofa

The atelier_antoniolupi project offers a unique mood with a strong identity across the entire living space. antoniolupi has always been recognized as one of the most innovative brands for its solutions characterized by research into innovative materials, a strong sense of style and high- quality craftsmanship. The latter is the fil-rouge that defines the entire production of the Tuscan company, which processes each product by hand and as in a tailor’s workshop, customizes each order with care down to every detail. Fabrics, velvets, leathers and metal materials of the new beds, carpets and seats are always sought after and of extra quality.

ATELIER_antoniolupi TLR BED & Poltrona 

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